Abstract Hips and Haws


Gorgeous colours!! you've really captured the autumn feel Fiona. My favourite time of the year.

Love the deep blue sky Fiona!

That dark sky against the colours is Autumn. You are really developing, Fiona, your style is changing. This one is really exciting.

Very appealing abstract Fiona. You are extremely clever at these. Abstract maybe but with a hint of realism - I see the twinkling lights of a town on the far shore. Lovely colour.

Very colourful Fiona, love the multi dimensional composition.

Love the colours in this.

Really nicely done Fiona all the varying lines and movement and also your words painted a mind picture, nice one.

Great stuff Fiona!

I’m very grateful to you all for your generous feedback on my little experiments into semi abstract ideas. Thank you. It started off as something very different entirely, in the end the original was scrubbed off and I had a tantrum, sulked a bit then had another go. There are parts I like and others I may change but I’ll live with it for a while. Thanks again. If you have any suggestions, feel free....

Well this really is a mixed media Fiona! But all these have worked well together, a very positive statement so a great job...

A great, colourful semi abstract, Fiona, love it!

Love the stark, contrasting colours, especially the velvety, blue sky. Love the intriguing marks and the many interpretations this painting offers, Fiona.

I love the way you are experimenting with different media and colour Fiona. It seems to me that they are very successful. I've always liked the landscapes etc. that you do and these latest abstracted ones I find even more interesting.

Thanks Alan, I have perhaps done my usual and over cooked parts of it....you know me, chuck everything at it and hope for the best! Lol Mia, thank you very much. X Carole thank you for your constructive feedback. I tried to use some elements as directional markers as in a Z route, moving across and upwards. Hope it works! George, many thanks for your comment. I do like experimenting and it’s only recently that I’ve gained confidence to do it. I find abstraction very difficult to be honest.....I have no imagination....which I think is a plus! Lol Glad you like what I’ve been trying out, always grateful for feedback good or bad, especially when I’m not sure what I’m doing!

Very interesting mixed media piece

You are so versatile Fiona. Your work always catches my eye as I look through the gallery. You have a wonderful eye for colour

David and Diana, thank you both for your kind and supportive comments.

This is sooo good Fiona the abstraction adds a new dimension to this artwork, making outstanding.

There's a lovely freshness to this work - love thecolours. I admire your adventurous spirit

Love the dramatic colours Fiona.

Shaun, Colin, Margaret.....I really appreciate your positive comments, thank you very much.

Just Wow, love it, Fiona!

Strong colours and a dramatic landscape Fiona. Another shift in direction. Love it!

This just wonderful Fiona. Full of exciting stuff to use a technical term. I am looking at it on a phone so when I have the opportunity I shall look at this on a bigger screen.

Thalia and Stevan.....thank you both very much.

Oopps just missed you Gudrun. It’s a bit crazy and I didn’t like it very much, but it’s growing on me! Thank you!

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14” x 12” mixed media on Waterford....gouache, sienna ink, conte crayon, oil and soft pastel and red Chinagraph. Back to my hedgerow for inspiration for this one. The early morning sun highlighting a half dead Hawthorn tree against a dark rain laden sky to the west. The old silvered branches and the few berries it’s managed to produce shone in the sunlight .....it looked so proud of its bounty! The bracken is collapsing in on itself creating blocks of intense colour.....it really is a wonderful season.

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