Viking Warrior Beach Find


Not sure that I can see it (possibly a cave drawing of an animal on the bottom half, though) but like all the shapes and subtle colours.

A fabulous study Fiona but a Viking warrior eludes me, but wait a minute, do I see an eye in the top left hand corner and a mouth dead centre or should I reach for my medication too?

I love the delicate colours Fiona but if I look closely I can see two eyes( sort of), a nose and a down turned mouth.

Can't see the Viking, Fiona, but I especially like the beautiful, delicate colours.

Lovely colours Fiona, I can see the underneath of a foot, may be with one toe. Lol...but I have cataracts..

Marjorie you must be on the same medication as me! Lol Lesley, you have a good excuse! Jenny, now you’ve mentioned animal, I think I can make out a snout. Russell, I would take two tablets if I were It will become much clearer.... Try a sherry Mia, works for me sometimes 😉 Thanks everyone for sharing your fun ideas, you are brightening up a grey day!

Well I can't see the Viking warrior but I can see a bolt of lightning coming down onto hills, 👍🍷🍷🍷

Mmm, I can see a ski slope at the top with a group skiing down it, I’ll come back to it after wine o’clock🍷🍷🍷

Super colours Fiona. Can spot two eyes a nose and what maybe a grumpy mouth outline. I am with Marjorie.

This is excellent Fiona, it’s one of those things you can look at for ages and see different shapes and imitate. I can see something like a face but not sure if it’s the warrior, but who cares it’s fun. I’m going to take my medication and have another look later when it’s kicked in.

Great detail Fiona, I likethis type of study.

I can see the warrior, what a great find....and a great pen and wash.

Linda have another couple of glasses, it will be as clear as mud! Katy, are you sure you haven’t started early with the wine o’clock?! Yeah Richard! This proves it, I’m not totally bonkers. Good idea Paul, not too many of the pink Stevan thank you very much, it’s surprising how lost you can get studying an object. You have sharpe eyes, a sharp mind and a brilliant imagination Lewis. Many thanks to you all, I can see one or two of you having sore heads in the morning! Lol

It’s fun looking at all the different shapes and coming up with things, like looking at motley wallpaper. Of course this is far more elegant than wallpaper and I’m sure things will look totally different in the morning Fiona.

I've had the wine and now I can see the Viking!🤪

I’ve had double helping of wine, I can now see the eye top left, but still definitely a group of tiny skiers just turning to their right where the black run forks away from the red🍷🍷🍷🍷

Missed this one Fiona. Lovely colours and striations. I’ve not been on the vino this evening but I can see an eye towards top left ( which ... sorry to lower the tone... could also be a verruca!), a rather fractured nose and a rather large almost goldfish- like mouth. Not sure about a Viking warrior .... could be an organ for transplant? 😊 Perhaps I should have had the vino and all would have become clear!

Wait a minute...hiccup.....Carole has Vikings in her wallpaper! No, sorry, thats Katy and Marjorie skiing on the ‘piste’ it morning yet? I do wish you wouldn’t encourage You’re a great bunch x

Michael, thank goodness someone sober....verruca, fractured nose, organ transplant.....I didn’t realise you were a doctor, you wouldn’t have anything for a headache would you? Thank you Michael!

Gorgeous veining and I do like the delicate watercolours. Looks like an internal organ of some sort ....

What an interesting subject Fiona. I can see a figure walking at the top of the painting- I think!

I can definitely see a nose. Love this, Fiona.

Gudrun, Shaun, Ellen.....thank you very much for your observations.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour and pen study of a St. Meddon’s beach find. The shape, marks and lines on the pebble looked like a Viking warrior, helmet and all! What? You can’t see it! Lol. I think it’s time for my tablet.......

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