Interesting abstract Fiona

Great balance between light and dark parts, Fiona.

Love the energy and movement of this piece, Fiona. May I ask what materials you used for this? I'm fascinated by monoprints but have only tried my hand at gelatin printing.

Interesting Fiona, really sets the mind working, are we looking at the mooring pilings and a couple of what down here we call cobbles or small fishing type boats ? Your imagination continues to fascinate me, nice one.

Love monoprints, Fiona, especially abstracts - interesting how the title influences what we see, at first glance I thought it resembled a church graveyard with tombstones until I saw the title, now I can see a ship’s mast in the background!

I love all printing, monoprints being among my favourites - interesting piece Fiona, bold and positive mark making.

Different for you Fiona it's like a monoprint! And I like the use of a single colour.

Nice work. Great to see something that gets the mind going

This is like looking out of my window at night at my pear tree and seeing patterns of faces and animals in the branches and the leaves, something different everyday. I would never get tired of looking at this, Fiona.

Thank you Chrissie, much appreciated. Mia, I hadn’t thought about light and dark areas, glad it looks okay.....thanks very much. Many thanks Seok. It’s very technical and expensive materials Seok.....I used a cheap, thin carrier bag cut to appropriate size, a cut out piece of mount board (as you would use for mounting a picture) covered with the shiny parcel tape, whichever choice of medium to make your print ie oil paint, oil bar, ink and the technical part, torn up pieces of news paper. I’ll try and find you a demo of the technique, it’s really very simple but a bit messy until you get the hang of it. I like this particular way of doing monoprints because you can only control the outcome to a point. I like the surprise.....or disappointment, of what you may end up with. Malcolm you have described it perfectly, that’s what I had in mind but there are one or two areas that have extras, that I didn’t plan for. Thank you for your comment. Jenny now you’ve mentioned it I see the graveyard lol.....but I had boats in mind, thanks for pointing out the ships mast I missed that! Thanks Alan, I know you love printing, so do I. It is a monoprint Stevan! Thank you very much! Thanks Tracy, glad you like it. That’s a lovely thing to say Katy, thank you.

Exciting stuff, Fiona. You never quite know what will happen, this one has captured everyone's attention.

Hi Marjorie, thank you. I think I used your oil bars for this one and several others I’ve done.

Very thought provoking these moorings with great shading. The more you look the more you see. Have read how you have achieved it - interesting or In my case " mind boggling" !!!

Nothing elaborate about it really Richard, it can be messy though....or maybe that’s just me! Lol Thank you very much for your interest and comment.

Love it, works really well.

Thank you very much Paul, appreciate your comment.

I really like this Fiona

Thanks again Margaret!

Hang on Studio Wall

Monoprint 12” x 10” on handmade Okra paper.

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Galloway, Scotland.

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