Flooded Pool - scruffy version


All your observation and painting practice is giving back its rewards Fiona.

This is the best one! Some excellent tonal variations (in the right place) and bags of atmosphere... well done indeed.

Nothing about your work is scruffy. It's free and gorgeous.

Beautifully scruffy you should say. I love the colours, well the whole thing. You are very talented and make a superb job of this type of painting.

A good 'un. Love the misty background.

This has a lovely mistiness about it that I really admire Fiona.

Especially like the foreground, Fiona, lovely colours and textures.

Thank you Patty! I do hope so John....lol....thanks very much. Thanks Al! Glad you approve. Gudrun, you’re very kind, thank you. Paul, thank you very much for your generous comment. Lewis many thanks. Glad you like it Carole, this one felt fresher to do....thanks very much. Many thanks Jenny.....lots of scribbling!

I don't think it is scruffy! Love it!

Dorothy, thank you very much......maybe a little bit scruffy?

Lovely tones, darks and brights and great contrasts Fiona.

Oh that’s very good Fiona - but do you know I think I like the previous unscruffy version even better. It has a certain je ne sais crois ethereal quality to it. Btw the foray into French is about my limit .... forgotten most I ever knew! 😊

The depth you've achieved and the subdued colour works really well with the pen work Fiona.

Thank you very much Mick. Michael, that’s more French than I’m capable of....Bon is about my limit. Thank you very much for your comment. Stevan, thank you for your valued observation.

Now what' s scruffy about this Fiona? Lovely foreground and just the right amount of limited colours.

Absolutely fabulous Fiona, lovely light and composition

It instantley caught my eye, Fiona. I really, really love it!!!

Good work, Fiona!

You have such subtle use of colour Fiona. Nothing brash or gaudy here! I love it.

It's a lovely painting Fiona. The tree textures and foreground are very natural .

Love the layering of the foreground that interacts so well with the simplicity behind. Excellent work, Fiona!

Both very good. Great misty feel about this and great colours on the foreground trees and fence. Super !

Once again, thank you all so much for your constant positivity, I’m very grateful for your input.

Thank you very much Tracy.

Like the lovely loose style and the colours, Fiona

Hang on Studio Wall

12” x12” watercolour and Indian ink on Waterford. One last attempt at the sketch I did in March at the reserve.....back to my usual scruffy work.

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