A surprise!!

A surprise!!

Its a lovely painting - even better when its something different and finished this good

Nice work .... lovely colours. I think being relaxed because just "practising" often produces very lively work.

This is absoutely gorgeous, Fiona! Really, really lovely! The tree in the foreground is superb and the colors are beautiful.

I was going to say that!! I particularly like the two trees and their bushes on the left. Just lovely!

Well done Fiona, Lovely sketch. Like everyone else, I like the colours. I feel a bit daft for asking, but what colours have you used?

As you say it's a shame it's on practice paper - typical, but then it will give you confidence when you use expensive paper - lovely painting!

Very nicely handled Fiona, very different style from your usual work. Its good to experiment!

The foreground tree is fantastic Fiona and a nice overall composition.

Thank you all very much for your comments and encouragement, it really does make a difference.

Really lovely painting Fiona, great colours

Never mind the ink Fiona .- This is good in fact its great -- that big oid tree is better than what I paint-- brilliant

Hey Fiona - a simply great minimalist picture - as you know I love 'simple' and this one goes straight to my heart - just love it - really great handling with some superb touches: the grass effect in the foreground, the shading on the trees etc etc - do please do some more

Thank you very much Petra, Charles and Michael for your wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated.

A really great picture and well balanced colours, love the big old tree in the foreground,

Posted by K 0 on Tue 27 Sep 08:20:44

Thank you for your comment Kevin.

Beautifully painted trees Fiona. The water is great too.

Thanks Carole, much appreciated.

It is a shame that you did this marvellous ink and watercolour on cheap practise paper, Fiona. I once saw in an article : never try something on cheap paper, you could make something beautiful and regret it. And yours IS beautiful!

I know you are right about using cheap paper Mia, and I do regret using it as it turned out better than I thought. I hope I will learn a valuable lesson form this. Thank you for your kind comment Mia.

i noticed this painting in the gallery, but did not comment on it at the time. its a great picture really interesting and very well painted.

Again, thank you pete for taking the time to comment.

Fresh and lively - with great colours!

Hang on Studio Wall

This turned out a complete surprise......I had intended practising tree's in the Edward Wesson style, so didn't put in a sky or foreground as such. When I had finished touching it up with a bit of ink, (Charles) here and there I quite liked the results, which is out of character for me! It's only done on cheap practise paper, which is a shame.

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