Happy Halloween/Samhain....be careful out there!


Smile for the day Fiona!

Very creative Fiona, excellent!

Great imagination Fiona.

Love the black with all the Halloween components plus a super sky !

Dark deeds afoot. Are those corpses hanging from the tree? At first glance I took them for birds...but...BUT...THEY'RE NOT SITTING ON A BRANCH! Like it.

You’re welcome Heather! Thanks Al. Are you going out in costume, or as you are.....scary! X Thank you Carole.....just a bit of silly fun. Richard, Paul thank you both indeed. They are bats lewis....lol Not very good bats I admit. I don’t think I’ve missed many components of Halloween out, I didn’t want to over do it! Thanks.

A terrific piece of design with great detail.

Lewis, you’re right, they do look like a couple of corpses, oh dear. Thank you Stephen, you’re very kind. Just a mishmash of bits and bobs.

No, Fiona. Of course they are bats...take no notice of me, I must have had a senior moment. (I thought you'd gone over to the dark side for Halloween.)

Happy Halloween to you too!

Your scaring the bejabers out of me again Fiona if we are allowed to say that this Halloween

Lol.....I have a few of those Lewis. Thanks Margaret. Course you can Dennis......don’t answer your door tonight x

Love the black and orange combination, Fiona - and very atmospheric sky.

One of my favourite combinations Jenny, thank you for your comment.

Very Spooky Fiona!

Oooooooo. Glad I had all that garlic last night!

Awww missed this yesterday Fiona, it's brilliant, love your colours and all that black silhouette, great work 😀👻👻👻

Shaun, Carol, Linda.....thank you very much. Hope you didn’t stay out too late!

Spooky - in a good way - like it, Fiona

Many thanks Maureen.

Hang on Studio Wall

Be good boys and girls out there tonight. My broom has been serviced, pointy hat dusted off and rice crispy glued on.....all ready to go!

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