'The Hedgerow'

'The Hedgerow'

This is very nice Fiona, when I saw it I thought it looked 'Wessonish'! They look easy until you try to copy them don't they? But you have done really well here.

Fiona, my sciatica is grumbling but I just had to stay online for 2 more minutes to say what a beeeautiful painting this is. You are SO lucky to have that book, but it sounds as if you know that very well! This is full of light and breezy fresh air. I love it. It reinforces that thing we all know but can be hard to remember, that you don't have to go searching for an amazing scene to paint but just stop and take a minute to see what's in front of us.

Excellent stuff Fiona. best Mick

beautiful confident painting Fiona!

Many thanks Stephen, Caroline, Mick and Louise for looking and your comments.

So accomplished - you've done it proud Fiona

I agree a beautiful painting Fiona

A really good watercolour painting Fiona in the true style of that very fine watercolourist Edward Wesson, who , in my opinion, was one of the very best in the use of the medium-- sure he would have thought your technique was very accomplished, you have captured Wessons style so well, like this very much.

I can feel you caught a moment. Lovely!

Now this I like-- good work----- YOU should be so lucky with the book--- I keep thinking about buying it for my book collection--- very expensive. ----My favouirite artist -- I have got all his books,---- Rowland Hilder--- That man was a magic painter--- I try his style from time to time---- all best Chas

Well, you've done so well I thought for a second you'd actually posted a picture from the book (well done for acquiring it, it's hard to get hold of). The thing about Wesson, I think, was that he tried to get his colours spot on at first go, so he could just lay down transparent washes of watercolour: I've noticed that I'm still putting down layers, one coat on another, as I've learned to do with oil and acrylic... his way (unsurprisingly) is the better one; you'll notice that two of our best POL watercolourists, Rupert Cordeux and Alan Owen, both use essentially the same method: they have a different approach to their washes, but try to lay down the colour and just leave it to work. Anyway, fascinating though that is (well, to me anyway) you've done a fantastic job with this painting: wish I'd done it!

Many, many thanks everyone for your generous and supportive comments, I really do appreciate them.

Lovely confident painting

Thank you Paul.

A very good watercolour Fiona, clean and pure and delicate all at the same time.

You are very kind Satu, thank you.

Fiona i just love this, such a talent

You are far to generous Hayley, thank you.

It's really really lovely, Fiona! Your washes and brushwork are just enviable!

Thank you very much Seok.

This is how water colours should be done. Fabulous. I only wish I haven't lapsed away from this technique. It still is the best

Ps Your lucky to have found a "MY Corner of the Field" I cant find one anywhere

You are very kind John, thank you for your comments.

You are lucky with that book! Is it the best book about Wesson? Love his style!

Hi Edo, yes I am lucky to have found 'My corner of the Field'. If you want to know about the man, yes it's a good read. However if you want plenty of paintings to look at and get a condensed out look of his life, any of the books by Steve Hall and Barry Miles are good. You can still get hold of them second hand. In fact Halsgrove press are doing a reprint of 'The watercolours of Edward Wesson' which is due to be released some time in the autumn. My corner of the Field is a beautifully made book and has many plates of his watercolours but a lot are in black & white.

Hello Fiona, thank you for this quick reply! The prices for this book are really outrageous, but its what the buyer wants to give! I have a couple of the books you mentioned, my last one is from Peter Slade about Wesson. The ones I not have, are from Barry Miles he wrote himself, and the one you own, my corner of the field. I know Steve Hall, and he does have nice watercolors, but doesn't come near the flow Wesson makes in his paintings! I have also a dvd from him, and a few from John Hoar! I also made a facebook page about Wesson a few tears ago, but the one I made from Seago is more popular. Thanks again! Regards Edo

Hang on Studio Wall

After 'Wesson', I've been fortunate to aquire Edward Wessons autobiography, 'My corner of the Field'. This is one of the plates in it called, 'Sussex Fields'. It's such a simple subject and typical Wesson, I just had to have a go at it. Thanks for looking.

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