John c fuller


John Fuller is a Watercolour Artist in Loose Landscape and Seascapes, based in Dorset in the beautiful West Country of the British Isles. His painting takes him traveling throughout England, Wales and France to carry out his work. He is inspired by painting in the open air, absorbing the inspiration that comes with the skies and the vista before him. John has spent most of his professional life in the field of Architecture and Design. His initial introduction to painting was in rendering to Architectural drawing. His professional interest in Watercolours came many years later when he attended a specialist course in big loose brushwork. During that experience he found that he readily adapted to this style and has not looked back since. His personal style has changed over the years, but his love is for big dramatic skies, a part of his paintings he is always trying to enhance and experiment with. Being an avid En Plein Aire artist, helps him keep loose and stay away from photo reproduction. Which accounts for many Artist 'tight' work. Johns work is predominately impressionist landscape. He has been influenced - Ed Wesson; Edward Seago; His personal idols. Also Trevor Chamberlain; Ron Ranson; Thomas Schaller; Joseph Zbukvic and Manolo Jiminez Sanchez Painters of vast repute and experience that John admires. He teaches privately to small groups and gives talks and demonstrations throughout the South West. He freely admits that his work and experience is mainly self-taught, and is more than willing to pass on his experience to all interested parties. He encourages his pupils to paint loosely, leaving behind the style of "pretty chocolate box " painting, aiming to encourage as many people as possible to take up this interesting subject. Author of the book 'Simple Design in Painting' Now published as an Ebook for Ipad through BLURB Publishing Priced at £5.99 Location: Shaftesbury Dorset UK "Talks - Demonstrations - Tuition"