Top of the Hill


I love those cottages perched in the distance, and those touches of red are fabulous.

love the choice of colours

Really nice use of colour Fiona

Bold, I love it.

Love this style of drawing Fiona, and the simple composition, achieved by dividing the support into sections. Good job!

Love it Fiona, great colours.

This is fantastic Fiona.

Ellen, Romila, Heather, Denise, Alan, Sandra and Sarah......thank you all very much for your lovely feedback.

Great work Fiona, but I should get indoors as I don’t like the look of that sky!!!

pink contrasting with the grey sky brilliant!.

Lovely perspective reached Fiona,and daunting dramatic sky where the cottages appear snug and warm from the snow laden hill. I like the way the barren tree and fencing leads the eye to the ascent of the hill where the cottages stand in the bleak winter mist.

Good composition, Fiona.

You are flying, Fiona! Great colours and marks.

This is terrific Fiona I love the forground, I thought you'd been using your woodys again until I read the blurb.

I went to H Campbell's studio during the Spring Fling. Got quite a few of her cards. Like her work.

Many thanks Barry, David, Angela, Cesare, Marjorie, Justin. I’m still using the woodies Justin but not in this one. Marjorie, I love what she does and so effortless. She is such a lovely person and shares all she knows about painting etc. Such a great confidence builder too, I’m looking forward to her next course dates ...hopefully. It was Hazel that persuaded me to try gouache with other media. Shall I let you know when her course dates are issued, usually two or three days and only half a dozen places. You get lots of attention. Thanks again everyone.

This is just great, Fiona. Love the spontaneity in it!

Wonderful sky palette contrasting with the landscape Fiona, does look liberating:)

This is different, Fiona, love the colours and marks.

Great sky and I love the brave use of colour in the foreground Fiona , it does look liberating!

That’s some hill to clamber up Fiona. Hope whoever is outside makes it indoors before that threatening sky opens.

Very attractive work Fiona.

Mia, Carole, Katy, Jenny, Carole, George thank you very much for you positive comments.

It's a joyful experience looking into your paintings Fiona!

Diane, that’s a lovely thing to say thank you.

Fabulous Fiona - so much colourful movement.

Many thanks Shaun!

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x12” mixed media....watercolour, pastel and conte crayon on Saunders paper. Based on the style and painting of Hazel Campbell, a local artist. I’ve been to a couple of her workshops which are very liberating.

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