Heelan Coo!

Heelan Coo!

This just made me smile, Fiona! I love that face, even though you can't see anything through that tumble of hair!

Made me smile too - s great chap well depicted

Och eey nice one hen !

He's having a bad hair day, nice one fiona

You're still working really loosely, Fiona, and this is just lovely - really like the way you've left the white paper to shine through. What a character! (the coo, that is...)

Thank you Seok and Michael, I'm glad he made you smile. Thank you Rick.....haven't been called 'hen' for a wee while now!! Thank you Glennis, there isn't any other day than a 'bad hair' day in the Highlands!! Thank you Jane, this started off a just a scketch but like the ferret I did, I couldn't resist adding a bit of colour.....some times it works and other times......it's the bin!! Thanks again.

A great painting of a difficult subject ( trying to paint one myself just now ) I like the way you have painted the body as a vignette. He' s got a great character

Posted by K 0 on Thu 29 Sep 19:48:49

Good luck with your painting Kevin, look forward to seeing it. Thanks for you support.

Magnificent picture Fiona, your so good at doing animals.

Thank you Pete, probably need quite a bit more practise!

Playing is what it really ought to be all about - overcoming the tightness, and the terrible anxiety about getting everything right.... I like this! Full of character, and the colour's good.

Cheers Robert............you're right again, don't worry about getting it right just enjoy the process

Oh I just love her!!!

Thank you very much Chris.

Looks a bit like me after a bad painting day-----Good work

Thank you Charles....do you have bad hair days too??

This caught my eyes too Fiona - sometimes our sketches are what draws the eye in more than the finished paintings we spend so long over ? I saw some of these cattle lately and wondered how I would get all that hair done - send them to he hairdresser first perhaps ? Love this loose sketch suits the nature of the animal I think !

Hi Fiona, hope you don't mind me commenting on a past portfolio, but this one really gave me a smile. My late gran, who was from West Calder used to describe anyone a bit hairy and rough thus: "Crivvens, whit a state on him, he's like a heelan' coo!" She also used to buy me the Broons annuals, where there were many such references. (I still buy the Broons books at the ripe old age of 53 .. Can't beat the glebe street gang)! And a great drawing too Fiona, you have a real gift for it.

Posted by Ian Fair on Sun 11 Jan 21:53:27

Thanks Ian! I've never heard that saying before. My mother would say something on the lines of, Och, the sights ye see when ye havnae got ya gun! I've never had a Broon's annual, I will have to look that up.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just playing.....watercolour on cartridge paper with a few scratched out highlights.

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