Monotype Boat Abstract

Monotype Boat Abstract

I love the colours in this Fiona, so appealing !!

Well worth the effort and the mess Fiona. Plenty to contemplate and think about here.

I really like this Fiona. So many interesting shapes all pulling together so well!

Different and very interesting.

Audrey, I love the combination of black and orange. Thank you. Michael I made five messes today, I managed to get a couple of ghost prints from two of the originals. Thanks very much. Thanks very much Louise, I thought I would try the print before diving into the oils. Many thanks Sandra!

Loads to view...I think you've may have your niche in these abstracts....wonderful work.

It looks good and different.

Wow Fiona! Super stuff!

Great shapes great to view and like the colours Fiona. You are really branching out with new ideas, clever girl!

You may say it's a glorious mess, Fiona, but the component parts are here and clearly defined. I think you've done a grand job.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 19 Jan 19:14:06

Thank you Andre, Annick, Sylvia, Carole, Carol, your comments and encouragement are much appreciated. I’m a novice where mono printing is concerned and I’m not familiar enough with the technique to know whether it’s any good or not to be honest. I quite like it, it’s the best out of the five I think. I took the photo under artificial light and I it’s over exposed a little, the colours are deeper in the flesh.

Its full of interest Fiona, and the more you look the more you see. You had a great time doing these I am sure.

A cracker Fiona so interesting

It's very effective, Fiona

Our club theme today was Paul Nash (Exhibition in The Laing Newcastle) This reminds me of his work, the colours , the tones, and your painting makes a great stark industrial painting. Terrific.

Love this, Fiona, both the colour combination and intriguing composition. (Know what you mean about making a mess, the small monotypes I've done have been bad enough, but you must have had a really messy time working at this size!)

What a glorious mess Fiona, your painting has held my attention for some time I really like it.

Wow, what a fabulous abstract, Fiona. The different shapes just blend with one another, and I love the colours. Well worth the mess.

Love the results, Fiona! Super textures, shapes and layers.

Wow! That just jumps out at you Fiona, fabulous work!!

Love it Fiona, certainly eye catching, love the colours

Wow Fiona that really is something -there is so much to see in this. I would say it was well worth the mess even if you had to clear it up yourself. You appear to have taken to abstracts like a duck to water.

Many thanks John, Dennis, Maureen, Willie......couldn’t place Nash, looked him up and I remember him now, specially his war coverage......Jenny, Barry, Ellen, Seok, Keith for your encouragement and support in my experiments.

Thank you very much David. Carol, I’ve quite enjoyed this little side step into abstract, or semi abstract, it’s been diverting. Thanks very much for you kind comment. Thank you very much Gudrun!

Lovely colours and curves Fiona. Not a mess at all!

Thank you sarah!

Thanks Fiona for the Keith V type 'blocky shapes' idea you gave me today. I might just try that :)

Oh goodie! That’s going to be interesting, I bet it’s going to be a difficult one. Look forward to seeing how you get on with it.

A nice balance between it being abstract and yet being something too.

Thanks very much David!

Nice colours Fiona and a successful print! I'm a big fan of monoprinting too, messy but so much fun.

Thanks very much for your comment Alita. Yes, very messy but exciting to do!

Hang on Studio Wall

24”x16” monotype print on packing paper and printers ink. What a glorious mess I’ve made today!

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