I’d prefer a pint of beer.


How delightful is that!!

Looks good to me Paul ☺️

Very nice Paul.

Thank you David,Stephen and Denise for you kind comments I appreciate them.

That is fine, Paul. Well done.

A charming painting Paul for all your doubts. I think we all have those moments I know I do.

Mia and Chris thank you for your comments I appreciate them. I think when something niggles you about a painting Chris you just can’t ignore it , despite looking and thinking well it’s not too bad but that’s not always good enough. I ok with it now but it’s certainly not one that I would put in a display.

Christine and Spencer thank you for your kind comments, I do appreciate them .

Many thanks George for you comment.

Nice one Paul, interesting about the skin tone pen, but it looks ok to me.

Thank you Andrew for your comment, there are six pens in the set some I don’t like as they are almost orange or pink . I haven’t tied bending the different ones and don’t know if they can be blended .

Lovely picture!

Very nice Paul!

Thank you Romila for you comment I appreciate it very much.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Watercolour 23x36 , part imaginary scene of a horse having a bucket of water. I started this a while ago and have stopped and started several times, I just can’t get into it for some reason. The face and arms of the farmer were coloured using a skin tome pen from a set I bought recently. I’m not sure if I like it or not , probably because it been a while to finish it and I’ve not been that enthusiastic about it.

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Paul (Dixie) Dean

I have sketched most of my life on and off I became interested in watercolour following a spinal injury whilst in hospital but did not follow it up. My eldest daughter bought me a beautiful wooden box set of half pans about twenty five years ago I dabbled on and off until retirement twelve years…

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