British Rainforest.


Looks good to me Paul.

I think you have done a lovely job Paul I really do great mossy greens and tangled branches make this a really good painting.

Thank you Stephen and Chris for your kind and encouraging comments, The actually painting looks slightly darker but as you know you can take six photos and they are all different.

Beautiful lots of lovely greens 💚

I think you should be very pleased with this Dixie. I really like the way you’ve tackled the main big tree and how this leads your eye through to all the weird and wonderful tree shapes beyond. Fantastic sight!

Don't be disappointed! I love it! The mossy greens are great and i love the tamgled composition. Its just right.

Nothing to be disappointed about Dixie. Good work, this kind of forest has a fantasy appeal for me, I know it's just nature at work, but the fantasy element is still there...a plus for me.

Don't be disappointed Paul, I think you've risen to your challenge very well

Well done Paul. Those mossy greens look really good so do the trees.

It looks really good to me Paul. I remember walking through a Dartmoor wood years ago and I was struck by just how damp and covered in moss and lichen the trees were. You have captured that look and feel in this painting.

Faye, Tessa , Sarah, Lew, Heather , Christine and David thank you all for your very kind comments. I’ve gone back to the painting and feel more positive about it , I have been concentrating on the photos that unfortunately don’t show the painting off so well. I have taken another and will upload it to the form thread showing the work in progress hopefully it will give a clearer view.

I love your trees, this is lovely, like the shades of green.

I certainly wouldn't be disappointed with a painting like this Paul.

This is great Paul, it turned out really well. You’ve captured the effect of the moss and the gnarled stunted trees - no mean feat . Well done.

Those mossy textures are so convincing. Lovely

Well done Paul; I agree, the mossiness is so good.

Many thanks Valerie, Russell, Andrew and Diana for talking the tine to look and comment it’s appreciated.

Thank you Karen for your kind comment.

You have done well with your challenge, Paul - great twisted branches and the rich moss looks so velvety!

Great forms, they carry the greens well

To me it's superb painting Paul! Nice project, well executed.

I’ ve come late to this Paul ( been out for lunch with old friends). I think you’re too close to this to be objective. Maybe all you can see is how difficult it was. As everyone has said - it works! I’m looking at all the detail, all the moss on the trunks and branches. I’ll tell you something - don’t make this into a jigsaw puzzle!!

You have done very well indeed, Paul, with an extremely difficult scene to paint!!

Great job Paul, I think you achieved what you set out.

Anne , Willi, Art , Marjorie, David and Denise thank you all fit you comments they are very encouraging and appreciated. I think we all get so close to what we do Marjorie that we done see the whole thing anymore. I have looked again at the painting not the photos and feel happier with it , I have posted another photo on the forum that shows the colours a bit better I think .

Oh so well done, it's lovely...all that angst.

Thank you Sylvia, I do get up tight about some paintings especially when it one I find particularly difficult but I’m pleased with what I have learned and getting to like the painting I bit more .

Absolutely superb Paul. A brilliant cacophony of trees!

The mossy areas work well, Paul. I love this kind of woodland.

Thank you Spencer and Jenny for you comments I appreciate them .

Very successful Paul.

Thank you Maureen for taking the time to look and comment.

I applaud your commitment to starting, and finishing this Paul. I certainly think you have succeeded in the challenge you set for yourself because I see varied shades and tones of green, as well as the textures of the cushions of moss. You are judging yourself too hard.

Thank you Fiona I really appreciate you kind comment. I think we all tend to be hard on ourselves when it comes to art.

Absolutely great, Paul! Don't we all struggle with our greens!! Lol!

Thank you Thalia for you kind comment.

A job well done, Paul! A very lively and well composed piece.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour painting 23x36 cm on paper . Done to challenge my ability to paint greens something I struggle with. The scene is of a rainforest on Dartmoor covered in moss , lichen etc the greens are so vivid and look almost florescent . The tree are stunted and not very high due to wind, poor solid and rocky ground. Pleased with the experiment but a little disappointed in the finished painting, stopped before fiddling around.

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