Finished with engines.


This is lovely Dixie. Beautiful detail on the boats and lovely colours.

Great Dixie. One of your best, I think.

I do like the colours here Dixie The foreground coloured ropes add to the overall composition.

So good in every way

Thank you Margaret, Lew, Louise and Heather, your comments are always appreciated.

Love the boats, and very much the courage of your personal story, Paul.

Thank you Jim for your very kind comment, I’m not sure about the courage, it was more bloody mindedness, but determination do great things.

Love the detail an excellent work

Wonderful scene Dixie. I feel the more you do of these the more your confidence and feeling for the subject and understanding of it shows through.

This is wonderful - the beautiful shades of green and red on the boats and detail. Very good indeed.

Great colours great " posting".

Thanks you ,Peter,Tessa,Ceri and Richard your comments are always appreciated.

Brilliant scene well captured, love the subject,

What a cracker Paul, you’ve excelled with this one!

Thank you Brian and Fiona your comments mean a lot and are encouraging.

Really like this one Paul lots of detail and colour.

Good subject Paul. I wonder after all these gales if they're in the same condition now. I painted some barges in a similar state of disrepair at Topsham near Exeter, and a friend tells me that over the years they have pretty well disappeared now due to the hammering of winter gales over a few years....paint 'em while you can!

Thank you Bill and Bob for you comments. I agree that such old boats, trucks buildings etc should be photographed, painted to preserve a record. For me it the beauty of the item, and the colours as they decay away, its also something to do with how we discard things when we have finished with them. As the old saying says one mans junk.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour of three boats on Mull one of my favourite scenes, I have done several different scenes of them.

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