I’ll just have one !


Wonderfully lifelike Diana. All the best wishes returned with thanks and support.

And keep safe yourself Diane, wonderful looking pies!

Yum,yum, they look delicious! Such an appetizing expression of these shortbread cookies and the foil looks great!

Absolutely cracking Diana.

Yummy! Happy Crimbo!

Wonderful as ever, Diana. Merry Christmas to you too.

Beautiful, they look delicious but two is a must. Merry Xmas.

Really just the one.They look so tempting.Great painting

Oh happy Christmas Diana. You are an amazing artist!

Intriguing. I'll have one too. Very best wishes for as good a Christmas as possible and a creative 2021.

Excellent Diana

Very well done. I think your enjoyment of painting this is reflected in the work. Maybe I should try painting them instead of eating them!

Another stunner from you Diana and Happy Xmas to you too

Happy Christmas to you, Diana! Great to see this one again.

This is just fabulous, Diana, perfectly painted. Merry Christmas to you too!

Great idea. You’ve made a super job of the silver foil, not easy Diana. Made some yesterday but they are far too sickly.

Always excellent work.

Thank you Jim. Cheers 🥂 Thanks Alan You too. Thank you Angela. It was the foul on foil that caught my attention. Thank you Paul. Best wishes. Thank you Linda. I literally will have to have just one!! At a time Thank you Cesare and Romila. You are right Denise. Is that per day?! Maybe one more Cecelia.! Thank you Diane. I feel so lucky to have a passion and share it with such an inspiring group of talented artists. Thank you Sandra and Guy.let’s hope 2021 has a wonderful ending. Thank you Jacqueline. The only solution is to not have them in the house 😂. Annual struggle Thank you Heather. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you Jenny. It’s fascinating to look back on older work and lovely to have another look. Especially Christmas subjects. Thank you Mia.Best wishes to you. Thank you Carole. I must admit to liking less sweet stuff. Thank you Stephen. Look forward to seeing your work next year. Your encouragement and support really fuels the creative fire. Thank you all.

Brilliant Diana, I remember it and I’m as much in awe about your talent as I was then. Wishing you all that is good for Christmas and into the new year. Keep well and happy.

Wonderful painting - the pies and the foil. Your work is always so interesting and good. Happy Christmas to you, Diana

Oh my word!! So realistic Diana. Brilliant!!

That is so good Diana - gives me goosebumps!

I remember this, wonderful Diana.

Super painting, the way you have represented the tin foil is excellent

Thank you Fiona. You inspire me too ! Best wishes and stay safe/ well yourself. Thank you Maureen. Lovely to hear from you I really appreciate it Thank you Audrey I think my older work was a lot tighter. Loved painting the foil. Stay well and look forward to chatting again in the new year. Thank you very much Jacqueline. You and the generous people here keep me encouraged Thank you David. Gave me disbetes😂. One or two too many over the years I’m delighted you like the painting. Thank you Carole. That’s a huge compliment that you remember the painting. It’s rather nice to bring them out again. Thank you Paul I loved the foil cases reflections in the outer foil. Have a safe and calm Christmas whatever is thrown at us next

Thank you Russell. Always a pleasure to have your support.

wow.!😲. what can I add to all the lovely comments below have a happy Christmas and an even better New Year Well done Diana

This is great. I love the effect you have got with the silver wrapping. Excellent.

Thank you very much Tao. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you Shelagh. I always treasure the positive feedback , well any constructive feedback! Hope you are staying well and safe.

Hang on Studio Wall

Digging out an older painting because I liked painting this one and it’s appropriate. I really do love eating these far too much !! I want to thank you all for your wonderful support and encouragement this year. I really value it. Wishing you all a very Happy, Relaxing and Safe Christmas.

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