Winnie gave me a dandelion this morning


Turned out to be a really good play, its beautiful!!

Stunning Diana. The reflections and light on the dandelion are beautiful.

Beautiful result Diana. Love the way you painted the fluffy bits surrounding the dandelion.

Exquisite, Diana! Thanks for sharing.

This is beautiful, Diana, perfectly painted!

That's what I call a painting. Great work.

This is a stunner. The delicacy and the colours are just beautiful.

That is spot on Diana, I love the way you have highlighted the individual seed heads to bring that part of the whole forward and give depth, nice one.

Very productive play Diana, what a great result.

Oh this is superb Diana!

Diana, artist extraordinaire. I believe just nothing is beyond you from kitchen sink to fairground.Hat off to you. What white fine line pen/brush do you use Diana?

This is beautiful Diana.

Smashing work, Diana!

Another 'wow!' from me.

Thank you again Linda. Im pleased you like it . I had fun planning how to paint it. Thank you Christine . It was a challenge and almost a puzzle to play the sequences and washes. Thank you Carole. I wanted to hint at fluffiness without getting too carried away with individual lines. Thank you very much Katarina, Its lovely to hear from you. Good evening Mia and thank you for your interest. Much appreciated. Thank you Stephen. It was one that needed a bit more planning than usual. Thank you Heather. I used a ruling pen to apply the masking fluid as it needed very fine lines. Thank you Malcolm.I wanted the fine highlights but not to many of them, just a suggestion. Thank you Barry. I must admit, I did enjoy my playtime. Thanks Russell. Thats such an encouraging comment. You are so complimentary Jim, thank you very much.I used a ruling pen and masking fluid to draw the very fine lines. Thank you very much Katy and Cesare. You really encourage and motivate me. Thank you Diane and Gudrun. I really appreciate your interest

I like it as well Diana. it has the feel of the dandelion. Much loved by gardeners.

Just brilliant - I think it's all been said!

stunning mini thing enlargements.

An amazing rendition of a simple dandelion clock Diana, not an easy task but this is so beautiful.

I have looked at these on my morning walks and thought they’d be fun to paint but don’t think I have the skills. However Diana, you definitely do! I like the idea that you were just starting out for a little play and that it developed into something more and something lovely. Happily that’s sometimes the case because I suppose we take any pressure off ourselves. Successful art is about seeing beauty and interest in ordinary everyday things and being able to reproduce it in mainly 2D form. You’re pretty special at all that and I always enjoy your work Diana.

Morning John. Thank you. I like daisies and dandelions. I live in a conservation area and the same goes for my garden !! As in unkempt 😂 Hello Maureen and thank you for your lovely compliment. Very encouraging. Thank you Robert. I really appreciate your interest. Hello Georgina and thank you for your lovely feedback. So encouraging. Morning Carole. It was difficult but I opted for a looser wash to illustrate the soft translucency. Thank you. Good morning Tessa. What an interesting comment and such a compliment. I have seen so many people produce their best work when the pressure is off. Often find on a bit of scrap paper! It rarely something that can be copied for ‘best’. Thank you for your support.

Beautifully done, Diana, you’ve captured the delicate fluffiness of it perfectly.

A really stunning piece, Diana. Love the very lively washes and the very effective use of lost and found edges.

Stunning representation Diana.

This is the best dandelion clock I've seen Diana. It's so realistic I could blow it!!.😀

Good morning Romila and many thanks for your interest in my painting. Thank you Jenny. I think it was one of those pure luck successes ! I did give the work sequence some thought though. Thank you Seok. My tutor sees water marks as an unsightly error but in this painting, I think they add a bit of texture. Hello Fiona and thank you. I have a Twitter account and this painting has received the most interest of any painting of mine It’s interesting to see what the public like It really surprised me too. What a lovely comment Audrey. Thank you. I think the shadow adds interest. It was lying on a piece of white paper.


Thank u Brian 😂

Beautifully painted! I assume that you enjoy a creative journey between watercolour and oil!

Thank you Yoko. I’m enjoying having a go at using oils and trying different techniques and approaches.

Stunning work Diana.

Thank you Sarah. I’m very happy to read your lovely comment

This and many more amazing works Diana.

Much appreciated Jason. Lovely to read your comment

Thank you Eleanor. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve been AWOL !

Hang on Studio Wall

12x15’’ watercolour on Saunders Waterford heavy NOT paper. This was supposed to be a little play but half way through, I started to like it.

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