Making a cake for daddy

Making a cake for daddy

Extremely well observed and beautifully painted Diana!

The colour section of the dress and arms - brilliant! That's what draws my eye. The rest is also first class Diana.

Excellent perspective, Diana!!!!

That's really endearing surely to anyone who's ever had a little girl Diana. (I've had three and two granddaughters) Beautifully caught.

Lovely Diana & again so different as the viewpoint is so unusual :)

Definitely an ahhh! moment, and beautifully observed and painted too.

Looks a delicious chocolate cake Diana - trust me, I am an expert in chocolate!

This is great Diana, unusual composition, I love the hand holding the spoon!

I like the angle of it and brilliant skill.

Posted on Wed 12 Jul 20:41:14

I love everything about this Diana, her hair, dress and the chocolate cake mix. So skilled!

Thank you Satu. It makes a change from still life. Thank you Marjorie. I'm still getting brave enough to use stronger colour. Thank you Annalisa. My daughter took the photograph. Thank you Jim. I imagine you've seen similar scenes many times. Thank you Sylvia. I liked the angle in the portrait version. Thank you Jennifer. I will always remember making that cake with her. Thank you Adele. Yes, it was chocolate with lots of cocoa powder in it! Thank you Russell and Ibolya. I could have left stronger highlights in places Thank you Carole. It was interesting to see how little detail I could get away with

An unusual perspective Diana but it works so well, great painting.


Really well done Diana, loads to like in this definitely not overworked, great design, subtle brush work and so much left to the imagination. I could go on but suffice to say it's absolutely brilliant.

Thank you Val,Peter and Barry I really appreciate your feed back and love reading your thoughts.

Great work here! Children are not easy and what a great viewing angle!

Wonderful work Diana, great style you have.

Delightful painting as always Diana , I can just imagine what will happen in the next few minutes OOOOps? well done

Super figurative work Diana, especially difficult in watercolour.

Full of immediacy and vibrancy. Beautifully painted, Diana.

Superb Diana.

Thank you Stephen, Seok and Fiona. It surprised me that I could actually paint the portrait in a day. This was a lesson in knowing what to leave out as I have returned to it and removed a few items of clutter

Thank you for leaving your comments Dennis, Alan , Guy, Tao and Maureen. Every comment is very valuable to me. I really wasn't expecting this one to work.

Well done Diana, a beautiful and very successful narrative painting :)

Hang on Studio Wall

I wanted to try completing this in a day so as not to overwork. Half imperial rough paper. Saunders Waterford. As usual, I'm ok with bits of it but happy with progress in genersl

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