Draining the Jars for picked onions


I had to look again and then again Diana. Such lovely shapes a brilliant subject. Sadly I don’t like pickled onions, but I do like your painting.

This is like series you have been enjoying Diana, and such a master of it you are, beautiful.

Love the light refraction in that jar, and the way you can see the rack through it. Brilliant.

Lovely, I recognised your work immediately.

Brilliant. Hope the onions work out.

Superb, as ever that girl! Send my husband the onions, he loves 'em!!! LOL

Always love the wonderful shapes and application of watercolour, Diana

Lovely series of glass objects! Very realistic and great compositions.

Ha ha. Thanks Sylvia. I just tried one and my goodness they’re strong! Thank you John. I love the challenge of mixing soft and hard areas to describe the glass. Thank you Jennifer. I have enjoyed a couple of hours on it this afternoon. Thank you Val - Irene. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Thank you Linda. That’s such a compliment. Thank you Paul they were bottled a few weeks ago and have be3n sampled 😳. Strong. Ha ha Thalia. Thanks again. The onions will blow your socks off 😄😳 Thank you Maureen and Rosella. I’m pleased that you like these paintings. I. Trying to vary them a bit so they don’t become boring. Thank you Christine. I’m really enjoying this one. It’s stretching my abilities.

Wonderful reflections cleverly done Diana, glass, steel terrific!

An absolute knock out Diana, you are one talented lady.

Another stunning painting, love the colours you use. Very clever

Incredible Diana. How patient and talented you are.

Thank you Carole . Im surprised you aren't all tired of this subject from me .Thanks again Fiona. Thats such a great compliment . I certainly have my weaknesses too 😆 Thank you Romila . I do keep returning to this palette . Maybe Im attracted to these subjects because they naturally contain these colours. Hello Jim and another big thank you . I do have patience to a certain extent but could never paint a hyperrealistic piece including the background!

Unmistakably yours and brilliant as ever

Magic! The hidden beauty gets attention, Diana

Good morning Heather and Yoko and thank you for taking time to leave me a lovely comment. I have managed a bit more on the painting but this is going to need patience to achieve a lovely mix of detail and loose surrounding.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have been tied up with a comission and other art commitments so enjoying getting at least one more piece into my 2019 gallery. I started this yesterday on a half imperial sheet of Saunders Waterford CP ,heavy paper. Im using masking fluid less often lately but drew on some fine lines and dots on the larger jar where the highlights are sharp . I hope o post the finished painting before the end of the year !

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