Hull Fair 1

Hull Fair 1

This is lovely work, Diana. I've been reading the article 'Night Walking' in the April issue of the Artist with Paul Regan, in conversation with Susie Hodge. Not an easy subject to master. You have done a grand job.

Posted by C Jones on Sun 29 Apr 16:41:25

Love it Diana...super work again!

Staggering overall effect Diana. Lovely work.

That's quite magical Diana, another stunning painting.

Great to see brown and orange light for a night scene - so much better than blue. Great work

As a lad from Hull I just had to comment! Great painting, love the reflections.

Super watercolour as always Diana! As well as the colour and bright lights, I like the faint figures in the foreground.

Beautiful, with the light areas shining against that dark background.

Thank you CA Jones. I’ll have a look at that article. Thank you Sylvia and Jim. Good to hear from you. I need to catch up with all the beautiful work in the gallery. Margaret, last few paintings have been full sheet size and so painting on a half sheet is like painting in miniature!! Thank you Paul. I have seen the skyline above this fair for about 60 years and it can be all manner of colours, especially if it’s cloudy. Hello Gary and thanks for leaving your comment. You know what a calendar landmark the fair is Hello Louise and thank you. I must catch up with your work now. I’ve missed so much. Thank you Sandra. It was a practice painting really as I hope to paint a series of fair pictures on full sheets.

I remember earlier night scenes that you have painted Diana. You excel, fabulous work.

Just simply superb, Diana, so difficult to get the darks in watercolour

Just brilliant!!!

Striking and eyecatching

First class painting, Diana. The lights are SO believable and enjoyable, what with all that razzmatazz and zany activity. Great job! Let it flow! *smile* Brian

Exceptional are the queen of nightscenes.

Thanks Alan I do like my darks. Should have been nocturnal! Thank you Thalia. I have four images of the same fair and the sky colours are slightly different in each one. Thank you Val and Derek. I’m delighted that it’s got impact. Hello Brian and thank you. I’m pleased to read that the painting has atmosphere. Thank you Fiona. This was a trial run really using a red underwash for the sky.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford NOT I haven’t posted for a while as been so busy with exhibition work This is a try at painting without tracing or sticking to an image. I want to allow for a bit more freedom and expression in my work. The darks are a mix of burnt umber and ultramarine with a bit of red or yellow.

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