A different viewpoint and including the ‘Grumpy Old Git’ mug.

A different viewpoint and including the ‘Grumpy Old Git’ mug.

Really lovely shadows

A great series Diana, this is equally excellent.

Great painting and unusual subject, shows how even the kithen sink can make a great painting. I would never have thought of it. Well done

Fabulous Diana as usual !!

Just amazing. Lovely work Diana.

Brilliant work and wonderful shadows. A glass in a glass behind a glass, amazing.

Always a great painting from you Diana - glasses as ever brilliant and the subject matter very interesting too,

You turn a mundane view into something very special Diana.

Thank you very much Paul. My kitchen has some amazing light shows. Thank you Alan I did have another one or two possibles in this series. Started something completely different today though. Thank you Paul. I keep coming back to painting this sink😄. Thank you again Jim and Audrey. You’re so loyal in your support! Thank you Fred. Yes, those stacked glasses needed a lot of observation. Thank you Heather. I’m really happy to read your comments Thank you Carole. I have one eye always on the lookout for subjects. Probably why I fall over !!😄

Great observation, an amazing result,Diana.

Inspirational. Beautifully observed. Stunning.

More lovely glass, Diana!

You are the only person I know, that can make a draining board look so wonderful well done Diana.

Absolutely superb Diana!

Terrific work Diana. For one whose not keen on blinds you do them very very well! You have great observational skills and the ability to translate into wonderful paintings.

Thank you Annick. Lovely to hear from you. Much appreciated. Thank you Elaine. I really value your thoughts. Thank you Jenny. I am working on something completely different now. Hello Tao. Thank you ! That draining board has been the subject of a few paintings. Hello Fiona and thanks again. Your painting has inspired me to use a different medium tomorrow. Thank you Tessa. Ghose blinds are black wood so an absolute nightmare to clean too 😄

What a wonderful watercolor Diana. The patience to not only so skillfully capture the reflections & abstract shapes in the glassware, but the straight blinds. The different values and thickness you use in the blinds! amazing. I am very impressed, and look forward to seeing more in the series. And all your work. :)

Stunning painting, as ever, Diana, and beautiful shadows.

Thank you Nancy. I’m delighted that you mentioned that about the blinds. I lost interest and really should have persevered I didn’t want them too detailed though. It’s good to read that you noticed those bits. Much appreciated. Morning Cesare. Many thanks again.

They just get better and better Diana.

Awesome! Loving this series of super dark transparency. Great!

Superb. A "simple" subject made so dramatic. I love it !

Another (WOW) Nth!!!!!

I’m sorry I didn’t respond to a few comments on here. I really appreciate every single one Thank you Avril, Val, Thalia and Jennifer

Hang on Studio Wall

I like the darks but those blinds are a pain!!! Not a fan of straight/ish lines ??

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