Lilies on cliff path above Porthcurno

Lilies on cliff path above Porthcurno

Beautiful and delicate painting Diana, love your greens!

Beautiful indeed.

Posted by T H on Sat 12 May 13:44:15

Stunning flowers, Diana!

Gorgeous! The greens are fantastic & the whites so tricky but you have produced yet another wonderful painting Diana...

This is beautiful Diana, the white of the lilies against the shades of green is gorgeous.

Absolutely impressive work Diana.

Really beautiful, Diana.

So beautiful Diana, so many sumptuous greens!

That's inspired! Stunning piece, Diana.

The way the light is catching those lillies is wonderful Diana.

Gosh, those deep greens really make those flowers stand out Diana, lovely work.

Thank you Tessa. They were Perylene , green gold and undersea green. All DANIEL Smith Mixed with blues , yellows and burnt umber / sienna Thank you Timothy. Much appreciated Thank you Gudrun. . I’m quite pleased with this one. Thank you Cesare. Great light and you’ve half way there. Thank you Sylvia. I was surprised how dark I needed to go on thepetals Thank you Linda. I’ve exaggerated the darks a bit bit wanted the flowers to really shine in the sun. Thank you Michael and Ellen. Lovely to read your comments Thank you Thalia and Margaret. I scrambled amongst gorse bushes to take the photographs.

Thank you Marjorie and Alan. I’m surprised how dark I could go with those greens.

Perfection every time Diana! Beautiful light on the flowers.

Posted on Sat 12 May 18:33:30

Absolute mastery Diana - wonderful.

Absolutely beautiful as usual Diana. I think reading all the comments I have to agree with them all. question Have you always used Daniel Smith colours and are they better than W/N or D/R ? well done again Diana

Beautiful lilies, and so well displayed against the dark background.

Beautiful balance between lights and darks!

Beautiful shadow throw on the lilies against the wonderful contrasts of dark Diana, truly amazing.

Thank you Ibolya, I was lucky to catch the light on these . Thanks Paul, I am very motivated by your comment. Thank you Tao. I don’t really have a favourite brand of paints but do tend to stick to W&N and DS because they are the most readily available in the shops and I like their strength Thank you Sandra. I feel really excited when I see a subject well lit by the sun. Thank you Jenny and Carole. It was a surprise to see lots of these growing on the cliff paths

Super painting. Lovely dappled light!

Gorgeous work - love the dark, dark against the light - perfect, Diana

Bold and beautiful! Wonderful contrast.

Oh, this is gorgeous you clever lady!

Gorgeous. I love all the greens too

Thank you Linda and Maureen , I loved the hints of sunlight amongst the darks Thank you Avril ,Louise and a Dorothy. There is something very fresh about green and white together

Those beautiful lilies stand out against the greens of that brilliant background. I find it much harder to get the background right than the focal point but you don't seem to have such problems Diana, this is exceptional.

This is gorgeous as ever - love the contrasts

Thank you Val and June. My backgrounds are usually just loose colour as I’m afraid of taking the eye away from the main subject plus, it’s a lazy way to finish a painting quickly 😄

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Half imperial watercolour.

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