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A dramatic painting and a very sad story behind it.

That's a beautiful painting Diana but such a sad story, I can understand why you need to give the title a lot of thought.

It is sombre but beautifully painted , Diana

Very atmospheric and well painted Diana and a sad story to go with it. Some years ago I was very close to not coming home from the Karacoram Mountains but I survived and when I got home I did say if it had gone wrong I could not have had better monuments than the mountains. I think you have painted some beautiful monuments.

You have made a very sad story into a beautiful paintimg !

The painting reflects sadness. You've captured the last light so perfectly.

A rather ethereal look about this painting. You have portrayed a very haunting atmosphere here and knowing your story gives this place a rather eerie feel. Beautifully painted Diana and I really admire your limited palette.

A very tough ( and brave) call Diana for a fine painting that may forever tug the memory. Me, I'd paint a single small star high in the sky to forever accentuate the good memory maybe with a small smile.and offset the sad one..Just a thought.

Thank you Heather. It’s my husbands favourite place but my goodness the sea can be lethal. Thank you Linda. Yes, I haven’t decided whether to have the title reflect the danger. Thank you Maureen. The image was from many months before the tragedy and is such beautiful light. That’s a lovely thought Malcolm. Thank you. Thank you Linda. I had intended to paint this before the tragedy but it’s tinged with sadness Thanks Colette. It’s a beautiful image. Taken by my husband last winter.

Thanks Stephen. This one was painted with brushes. No knife work Thank you Carole. It’s a bit like music in the minor key. These colours are quite somber. I think that’s a really lovely idea Jim. Thank you.

Thanks for your thoughts Yoko. I love these colours and was going to paint it before the sad event. They can certainly be the colours and atmosphere of sadness

Our news down in the South West usually mentions a rescue or a disaster in the sea or cliffs every week. the shore is a dangerous place, but I still love it. I'm glad you still found it in you to paint the location.

Beauty and sadness, lovely, Diana

A sad story, Diana, but a beautiful, atmospheric painting.

Thank you Linda. Yes, people don’t respect or understand the dangers and it’s heartbreaking to read about all the tragedies. It’s a possibility that I’ll move into a house We have inherited between St Ives and Penzance My husband lives there for a lot of the time but I have too much where I am to up sticks. He has Cornish blood and I have Cumbrian roots. Thank you Thalia and Jenny. I loved this image prior to the accident. What does my love of somber colour and music in the minor key say about me 😂

Wonderful - I love the contrast between smooth velvet sands and sharp rocks. A real masterpeice.

Awful, sad incident Diana but a beautiful location and painting. It’s a mystery as to how beauty can be so tragic. When we lived in the highland my husband was a volunteer coastguard officer, and on one particular incident I had to help him pull a body of a local man from the sea before the tide took it back out. It had to be done quickly so he couldn’t wait for the other volunteers. He had been missing for three weeks after he disappeared whilst fishing from the rocks. Not a sight you forget in a hurry. You must always have respect for the elements no matter how beautiful.

Beautiful painting with that hint of the raw force of nature that rules us.

Thanks very much Ceri. That’s such a motivating comment. Fiona, your husband has my total respect. I can’t imagine dealing with such an incident but you’re so right about respect for the elements. Some accidents woulda died could have been preventable Thank you for your interest again. It is certainly a beautiful place but too difficult for me to get down to. Thank you Gudrun. I was going to paint this regardless of the event but yes, it gives that feeling of rawness.

Very sad story and a very haunting, ( is that he word), painting.

Good to hear your love of minor key music Diana despite this sad time. Even outside classical levels, Tocatta's etc, I love all religious plain chant, songs like Scarborough Fair, Nights in White Satin, Bolero, House of the Rising Sun etc etc. Seal's drug related hints are wasted on fine music in Kissed by a Rose. One from the distant past that's always stayed with me is "Softly whispering I love you", by Congregation. The lead singer's voice is just amazing.

Gorgeous soft colours. Really captured the scene Diana.

Very dramatic and I love the misty effect over the headland Diana. A sad memory but a lovely painting.

Just seen this one. Such a skilled painting. Sometimes something so emotional brings out that extra feeling inside. My best painting was when my mother died - sad she didn't see it.

I missed a few of your kind comments. Thank you Richard and yes, haunting describes it well Thank you Jim for your interesting reply. I’m going to listen to ‘softly whispering I love you ‘ now. Thank you Audrey. I do love this light too. Thank you Tessa. I have found this canvas board to warp a bit in larger sizes. Thank you Val-Irene. I agree with you about emotion and creativity. Some of the most famous work was painted during times of emotional turmoil

Jim, I do know that dong and agree that the lead singer has a memorable voice

This is beautiful. I agree with all the other comments about how you've combined the sombre mood with something so beautiful.

Thank you very much Julie for looking at my work. I really appreciate your interest

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24x 18’’ oil on canvas. My husband was involved in a rescue of someone here a few days ago. Sadly they didn’t survive so the title needs a lot of thought

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