I Wandered lonely as a cow (self isolation)


Oh wow how well the tonal contrasts add such depth to your painting.. wonderful Carole!

Ha ha Carole, brilliant!

I like this a lot Carole - and I love the title!

Really excellent work Carole, great idea as well.

I love it, great title Carole.

Very good Carole (and so is the painting.)

Old painting or not, it's a beauty. My eye was drawn to this marvellous painting immediately. Love the palette and style, and the idea is highly appropriate, to say nothing of clever. Nice one, Carole. Bri

Well I am flabbergasted at your lovely response everyone. Was a bit dubious in submitting this because of its clumsiness. I’m not able to do as much painting as I would like, so bulking my entries up with old paintings seemed like a solution. Anyway thank you so much Nandhini, Marjorie, Margaret, Alan, Katy, Willie and Bri for your tremendous support. All of you have submitted some cracking pieces lately.

Very evocative. Tones so well.

There's a lovely old fashioned feel to this which I like

Wonderful work Carole, its so different from your very vibrant colours (which I love) but this is truly very, very English landscape at its best, love it !!

Thank you you so much Stephen, Heather and Linda for your positive and thought provoking comments. You have made me realise Linda, that sometimes I need to tone down the colours I use. Although passionate about the vibrancy of colour, I tend to wear rosecoloured spectacles and paint the world much brighter than it actually is.

Lovely work Carole. Great perspective and feeling of space.

No don't change your colour palette Carole, different colours for different paintings, you have a lovely style, 👍😘

Great stuff Carole. Love the warmth in this painting. I’m afraid Dr. Spooner often enters my head - perhaps his title might have been “I wandered clonely (as allowed)”

Beautifully done Carole

Very pleasing scene

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12” x 16” acrylic on board. An old painting from years ago but thought it pertinent to the present situation.

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