Pumpkin and Apple in oil pastels


I’ve not yet tried them on canvas, Carole. Great success here. Did you prime the canvas with a colour first?

Well done, Carole. Using my least-favourite medium, you've created another beautiful piece, bursting with color of fresh produce looking ready to eat! Love and God bless 🙂❤🙏

An early autumn feast Carole, scrumptious colours.

Thank you Andrew for you lovely feedback. Much appreciated.

Thank you Marjorie. The canvas was primed with gesso and relatively pleasant to use. Tried some black paper with oil pastels today but the result was disastrous,as the paint just slides around and doesn’t adhere properly.

Well the vibrancy of the colours really hits home here Carole, really impressive work!

So vibrant Carole. Lovely.

Deliciously painted in a medium I have yet to try.

So vibrant Carole! And the rich green in the background compliments the apple and pumpkin

The good thing about oil pastels, Carole, is their longevity. No fixatives required. They're tricky little suckers, though. *grin*. However, you've really used the vibrant colours to great effect, especially the apple, which positively sings. The dark background really forces the colours to the fore. Bri

Wow Carole! Pumpkin & apple really stand out against that dark background. Wonderful colour.

Many thanks to you lovely artists Alan, Denis, Chris, Rachel, Bri and Michael for your generous comments. Very much appreciated 😍😍😍

Very well done Carole! You have greatly mastered the oil pastels here…. Nice bright colors and contrasts! Beautiful!

I so agree with your points on using oil pastels...they skid and slide everywhere, but also great when you get them right, as you have here! Luscious work!

Oh, this is lovely Carole, rich colours and lovely shapes and so small too

Another great result with oil pastels Carole!

Lovely pumpkin and apple all ready for autumn 🍂

Wow - what a lovely painting and love the use of the vibrant colours!

Autumn on a canvas. Well done Carole.

Lovely vibrant autumn colours. You seem to be coping with oil pastels really well. Well done.

So lovely and so eye catching Carole, love your rich colours.

You are all so very kind and I am truly overwhelmed by all your lovely words. Many thanks to Manoj, Thalia, Heather, David, Faye, David, Bryan, Christine and Carole.

I find oil pastels difficult to use but you seem to have no problem with them at all. This is great Carole.

Lovely colours.

It's a very good effort, Carole. You've created some lovely textures and interesting marks, which add depth and volume to the piece. Well done!

Many thanks for your encouragement Val, Natalja, Gillian and Seok.

I love oil pastels and I love what you have done with them here.

Thank you so much Jacqueline.

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Still attempting to improve my oil pastels. This was painted on canvas and quite a challenge. 8” x 8” on canvas.

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