Easter Primulas


beautiful,like the colours used ,hope your wrist and arm gets better soon

Great comeback effort, Carole. Noticed it immediately. Hope you get better soon. Best Bri

Spotted this as yours immediately Carole, sorry you’ve been out if action for so long. This is lovely.

Fabulous Carole, so vibrant, well done you. Hope you are better soon, perhaps a few chocolate bunny's will help!!!???

Beautiful, jewel like painting Carole.

Lovely Carole, super colours

What a beautiful painting Carole, love the way you have painted flowers and background

Glorious and vibrant! Sorry to hear about your hand, hope you're on the mend x

What a lovely cheery painting with gorgeous colours. How frustrating for you not being able to paint. Hope you’re wrist is fully better soon.

Very well done, and so vibrant Carole.

It’s so good to be able to paint again and I am over the moon by all of your wonderful responses and good wishes. It so motivating when self confidence takes a knock through not being able to paint and feeling nervous about starting up again. A big thank you to you all.

Gorgeous use of colour in this, Carole, minimalising detail in the background; lovely painting! God bless and Happy Easter to you and yours! xx

It really caught my eye. Beautiful Carole.

I love the looseness of this, and the colours blend so beautifully. It is a delightful watercolour work.

Glorious painting Carole, sorry to hear you have been having trouble with your painting hand, hope it heals soon.

I was just thinking about you this morning Carole and that you hadn't posted for some time. This is lovely and bright and good to see you back in action.

Thank you so much Andrew, Ruth, Anjana and Diane for your lovely comments and for such a welcoming return to painting. So appreciate you thinking of me Diane.

This painting just glows Carole.

I wondered why you hadn’t posted for a while but this work proves you are back!! Welcome!

Thank you Shaun and Linda for your lovely comments.

Lovely colour palette. Get well soon.

So sorry to hear of your ongoing problems Carole, but lovely to see this delightful painting which is a smile-maker!

Carole it’s great to see your paintings again, and this is a stunner.

An explosion of colour,

Thank you so much Jacqueline, Tessa, Fiona and Anne.

So vibrant, cheered me no end Carole.

Bright and beautiful, Carole

Good to see you painting again, Carole. This is lovely - bright and vibrant!

Great to see you back working Carole, it's looking good, fantastic colours.

Wonderful colours Carol. Looks like you are back in action.

Well done Carole, it’s beautiful, glad you are getting better.

A lovely delicate watercolour full of atmosphere and vibrancy

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 8” x 10 on rough watercolour paper. Been unable to paint for months because of problems with my painting hand and wrist and being in plaster.This is is just a quick little watercolour to try to get back in the swing of things, although I have a long way to go yet.

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