Ali, my Youngest.


Great work Carole, I find the pastel a difficult medium that you managed very skillfully.

Very powerful portrait Carole, and well done,.

Good to see you are back painting, and a really lovely portrait Carole.

Super portrait Carole, glad you are able to paint again.

Great that you're back in business, Carole. A good strong portrait...and from me, extra kudos for your skill with pastel. Totally beyond me.

Brilliant, Carole; I admire anyone who can make pastel work well and this is great; loads of dense colour but great expression; you can almost read his thoughts! Love and God bless, Andy xx

Super portrait Carole. You've captured a look of trepidation in his eye.......pending haircut maybe!!

Ah faces, my nemesis and this is even with an perspective ^^ . Well done!

Such a powerful portrait, superb, Carole

Very attractive portrait. I guess your elbow does not bother you anymore.

Wow Carole, very powerful painting and so nice to do one of the family. So glad you are getting better.

Lovely portrait, Carole.

Gosh Carole this is amazingly skilful and very personal and sensitive. Also an elbow replacement? Ouch, sounds like a painful process before and no doubt after for a while. This pastel looks like you are recovering well. x

Superb portrait Carole. Lovely skin tones and light on his face. Glad to see you’re back at your easel.

A wonderful portrait, Carole. Good that you are able to paint again.

I am overwhelmed by all your encouraging, delightful, comments and best wishes. It has been a difficult time but well worth the process. God bless all of you talented artists and take care during this very difficult Tim. Many thanks.

What a striking portrait Carole, a 'great face' to paint! A superb composition but 'looking up' is the most difficult of viewpoints to capture well in my opinion, but obviously not for you, fabulous work.

Your comment is very valuable Russell as I admire your skill in portraits, which is unsurpassable.

Fabulous looking son Carole and glad you've recovered ... never heard of an elbow replacement ouch!

A great portrait, Carole.

A handsome young man beautifully portrayed. Good that your back painting after what sounds like a very painful experience.

Love those eyes, brilliant. You must be so relieved.

Lovely portrait work with a depth to the subject.

Wow, he looks very gentle and yet the artwork is so striking.

Many thanks Heather, Maureen, Mia, Fred, Jim and Alicia for your lovely words of motivation. Very much appreciated.

As Russell has said, a very tricky angle to paint but you've done it perfectly, Carole. That elbow problem sounds one of the more difficult ones, glad you're able to paint again.

Thank you Paul and Marjorie. The elbow is doing really well. Before the op I was in agony but now the pain is already very minimal. Thank God for the NHS.

Beautiful portrait Carole, lovely colours. Glad your elbow is on the mend now.

Wow, this is a beautiful portrait Carole! Glad your operation was successful x

Good to see you back with this strong and sensitive portrait- really good Carole.

Many thanks Gillian, Diane and Shaun. Your lovely comments are very heart warming.

Tremendous, dramatic image Carole. Fits an actor.

Wonderful portrait love his hair Carole. Glad you are painting again ;)

Fabulous work Carole, awesome

Thank you so much Michael, Carole & Romila for your continued support.

Hi Carole beautiful style and I find a look of Jesus compassion and spiritual feel to the work truly wonderful

Just scrolled miles down to your comment I am so happy for you 😎

Thank you for your generous comments Dennis. Believe me my son is no angel but he does have a very great understanding of people and their plights.

We all have minor faults Carole but that's a matter of opinion 😎

Don't know how I missed this, It's stunning.

Beautiful sensitive portrait

Hang on Studio Wall

Back to being able to paint now,after having had an elbow replacement. 12” x 16” Soft pastels & pastel pencils on pastel paper. A portrait of my youngest son while his hair is long. He has to cut it off soon for a particular part in a film.

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