Experimental Oil Pastel


Even with your problems it still looks good!

Lovely warm colours against the dark background. Carole. Did you finish off the wine ?

A very good experiment Carole despite your problems

Carole - you have really mastered oil pastels- they can be difficult to use but you have mastered them with great results - I am really impressed with your latest work - it has real quality.

It’s beautiful- and you’ve really caught the light

Many thanks David for your lovely comment. Thank you Marjorie for your praise. It was a bottle of balsamic vinegar, so no but I’ll live. Thank you Heather for always being so supportive. Shaun you are a star and your comments are so special, especially as your art is so awe inspiring. Thank you.

It looks good Carole, really stands out.

You never cease to amaze me, dear Carole; even the pieces that have 'not worked well' for you have your own lovely distinctive style and depth of colours! The tabletop looks like hammered metal; fabulous! love and God bless 🙂🙏❤️xx

I think it's really lovely your painting

Looks good Carole despite your problems. The shining light is lovely.

Very well done with oil pastels Carole, love the dark it really shows the peppers up.

Carole this positively glows, what a joy to behold…..lifts the spirits, or the wine! Lol

Really nice effects again Carole - sumptuous colours too.

Loads of appreciation to Denise, Andrew,Faye, Christine, Carole, Fiona it’s balsamic vinegar, and Sarah 😜😜😜

I really like the textures in this.

Love the textured background, Carole - and the lovely warm colours.

I like it Carole, you've captured the light brilliantly, great colours and the textured table top is fabulous.

Still looks really good, Carole, especially the textured foreground

Well done Carole, super piece and these oil pastels aren’t easy!

Wow! Splendid Carole. You catch the light perfectly.

Excellent painting superb texture , love the colours and subjects.

A big thank you to all you fine people who are always so supportive, Linda, Jenny, Russell, Thalia Alan, Michael and Paul.🌈🌈🌈🌈

I like the textures on the table Carole. I find oil pastels really tricky. You are doing really good work with them.

I am one of the rare folk who really enjoy using oil pastels - and I think this is great! I love the striking composition and you use of space.

Thank you so much David and Bobbie for your lovely comments. I do like using them Bobbie, when they behave. So much cleaner and don’t leave the mess that soft pastels create.

Beautifully painted, Carole. Those deep shadows and lovely warm tones really create and capture the ambience.

Beautiful painting Carole, I am impressed with your oil pastels. I can’t get on with them, perhaps I should try again.

Thank you so much Seok for your kind words, much appreciated. Gillian thank you so much. They are a very exciting medium but rely on the proper surface to respond. Have just started using a canvas board on which they seem to work really well. Love how you can move the paint with your fingers and the overall vibrancy they can produce.

Love the transparency of the bottle and the effects in the lit up area. Very well done indeed.

Hang on Studio Wall

This was done on 250 gm mixed media paper but the oil pastels didn’t work at all on this surface and slipped all over the place. Will try an acrylic background next time. Thankfully it was a simple piece and I managed to finish it. 12 “ x 10”.

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