An entrance off a Street in Prague


Very interesting shading and colours, Carole, lovely painting.

Love these shapes Carole of twisting corridors.

What an amazing little corner of the city, and very well interpreted Carole. It has an air of mystery to it.

Love your perspective here, Carole, very inviting passageway!

A most interesting painting. Love the detail and colours you have used.

What an interesting subject, excellent Carole!

Good one Carole, so many different perspectives

Intriguing! Where does the passage lead I wonder? Nice one Carole - lovely warm sienna colours.

Lovely detail and Carole really interesting subject.

Superb. The whole interior has come out really well. The shading is perfect.

A very difficult composition you managed very well Carole.

This is so intriguing, Carole. The challenging architecture is beautifully done and with a lovely palette!

Love the colors & shapes & the subject! Nice one, Carole!

Love these little places abroad. You’ve painted it really well and like your colours.

Thank you so much all you lovely people for your wonderful comments. So much appreciated; Lesley, Denise, Tess, Thalia, David, Alan, Heather, Michael, Shaun, Sunil, Carole, Anne, Manoj,and Christine.

Nearly missed this, Carole; lovely pic, especially in the interaction of the arches! Much love and God bless 😊xxx

Love the warm colours and interesting shapes. Great subject Carole.

Great composition and colours, Carole!

Love the colours and the subject, mysterious.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments Andrew, Katy, Jenny and Romila, you are all so generous.

This is beautiful Carole. I love the colours and it's full of interesting shapes which you have portrayed so well.

You painted this very well Carole all the darks and lights, it’s a mystery.

Such glowing colours Carole. Love it!!

Many thanks Diane, Gillian and Audrey for taking the time to look and leave such lovely comments.

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An exercise in watercolour, completed some years ago, when I worked in Prague. Watercolour on cold press 12”x 10”

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