Orange Trees in Spain


Beautiful colours!

Love the colours in this Carole and also the speckles of white in the distance, like little sparks of sunlight shining.

This is amazing Carole, you’ve done a brilliant job.

No messing up on this one, Carole. Beautiful strong colours, a real eye-catcher. Super!

This is lovely, you get such strong colours which really work Carole.

Fabulous watercolour Carole

You have really caught this beautifully Carole.

Wow! Vibrant colours, great perspective; beautiful sparkle; a lovely painting, Carole well done! peace & love; God bless, Andy 🙂❤️

You’ve captured these chaps so well Carole, great job!

This jumped out of the page at me Carole. It's wonderfully vibrant, reminiscent of sunny days!! It certainly cheers me up on yet another miserable rainy morning Carole. Superb.

Beautiful colours, Carole!

You don't do yourself justice Carole, I think this is a very accomplished watercolour, bright vibrant and beautifully executed. Love the big juicy oranges in the foreground and the dark green foliage at the back with just a hint of oranges, top class!!!

lovely, so tempting to taste

I like this, especially the flow of oranges leading the eye into the picture.

This really sparkles with such vibrant colours.

This is gorgeous Carole - how lovely to have had that winter sunshine trip to Spain. This painting is full of vitamin C & D! Really joyous and vibrant :- )

Beautiful composition of orange an green. Love the shine on the oranges

Love everything about it as it full of energy and it is a fabulous composition.

A wonderful confident watercolour Carole. The hint of background foliage shows off the oranges to perfection. Lush!

Well folks I am overwhelmed by your wonderful comments as w/c is not my forte. Tried for ages to answer your comments but just couldn’t get on site to voice my appreciation to you all. I have ended up using my phone to write this😍😍🌺🌺. Wishing you all a happy, sunny summer. Really difficult writing on such a small phone screen. However do those young people do it?

Vibrant Carole so clever. Gill

Beautiful strong clear combined colours, so difficult to achieve I. Watercolour

Thank you so much Jacqueline, Gillian and Cerise’s for your encouragement and support. Very much appreciated 😎😎

A really stunning piece, Carole! Love the composition, the textures and the vibrant palette.

So exuberant Carole, and sense of depth in this piece.

Love the colours Carole, positively zingy. Fabulous composition and textures in the background.

Hang on Studio Wall

30 cm x 40 cm. Watercolour on rough paper. Took some photos in Spain of orange trees, earlier in February and used them as references for this painting. I do struggle with watercolour and try to loosen up a bit but I have to admit that I enjoyed the challenge. Wish I could relax more with this amazing medium but the lack of control I experience tends to scare me off. It is only paper after all and so what, if I mess up.

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