View of Warkworth Castle from Warkworth’s Ancient Bridge

View of Warkworth Castle from  Warkworth’s  Ancient Bridge

That's no feeble attempt, Carole! Great painting and a splendid viewing point, especially with your close up view of the stone work. That blossoming tree makes the entire scene. Lovely. Bri

That's stunning Carole, fabulous colour and blending.

Love Warkworth - this is a great detailed painting

A super composition Carole and beautifully painted.

Love the viewpoint makes a terrific composition and painting.

Excellent Carole. Great tones and composition.

Well it's anything but feeble Carole. Good tonal balance throughout, and excellent drawing skills.

Thank you so much all you, wonderful productive artists. A. Great honour to receive such positive comments. Onwards and upwards. All your work is such an inspiration and it’s exciting to strive for better art and I think we learn something from every painting we complete 😊😊😊

Carole, fantastic work-great perspective.

Lovely work Carole 😀👍

I like the perspective you've chosen and the lovely warm colours Carole, this is gorgeous.

Thank you so much Louisa, Linda and Val for such kind comments.

Feeble??? No way! Brilliant! I feel as though I'm standing on that superb bridge about to walk into the castle, Fabulous, Carole.

Such a lovely comment Thalia. Thank you so much.

Carole, you've got it spot on. The texture on the wall is excellent, you can feel the roughness. Sorry I'm late in replying, my i pad refused to join the internet for a couple of days, I've had to reset it and now all seems ok.

Gorgeous Carole. I feel like walking through that arch to see what it is like on the other side.

That’s excellent Carole

I love this composition, i'd like to walk this path to the castle :)

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Warkworth 12” x 16” oil on canvas.. Warkworth has a special beauty during springtime, from the daffodils around the castle, to the dressing of naked trees, along the glistening, winding of the Coquet, I was compelled to share my feeble attempt of the view of Warkworth Castle, from Warkworth’s ancient bridge as it is truly a delight to behold,at this time of the year.

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