Young People Enjoying the Easing of Lockdown


Those silhouettes really tell a story .

Love the silhouette and the colour in the sky, Carole.

Great and somewhat poignant image Carole, nice work.

Yes strong silhouettes Carole. Great sparkle on the water as well.

Love it Carole, sky and sparkles on the water are wonderful.

Caught the eye - like it, is this in oils ?

Thank you Diana, Katy, Alan, John, Romila and Mike for your generous comments. Your support is always appreciated. Yes it’s in oils Mike. Seemed to have missed putting the information. It’s 14” x 16” oil on board.

I like this, Carole. Very natural poses for the people, and a great evening glow.

Really interesting painting - good one Carole

Not sure if you were aiming for this, Carole, but the darkness of the images and silhouettes suggests the dangers of easing lockdown too soon; powerful! Love the reflections off the sea too! Love and God bless, Andy xx

Many thanks Lewis, Heather and Andy for taking the time and effort to leave such positive comments. Regarding your comment Andy, the reason the figures were silhouetted was that I wanted to emphasise the generality of the scene and thought the lack of anonymity would help to make this scene commonplace.

Splendid contrasty image, really like the sparkling sea.

Very effective and powerful painting Carole

Nice one Carole love the silhouettes against the orange glow.

The sky is brilliant Carole and so is the shimmering water!

Very striking painting Carole and a lovely message.

This works so well Carole the figures add a sense of mystery.

Lovely work, Carole, great silhouettes and colours.

Great silhouette and I love that sky Carole

Thank you so much Stephen, Russell, Barry, Nandhini, Fiona, Shaun, Jenny and Dorothy for your warm, welcome, words.

Fantastic Carole. Tones and depth are splendid.

Strong and very effective colours. Really draws you in and what to know more about the people relationships.

Caught my eye immediately Carole, love that sea.

This is wonderful Carole. Beautiful and it’s telling a story of what will be our history.

Thank you so much for commenting Michael, Ceri, Marjorie and Amanda.

I just love the use of dramatic lighting - fabulous.

Hang on Studio Wall

Inspired by young people enjoying an evening gathering.

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