Still life

Still life

Very nice still life, Carole, and much better than you seem to think. It's a beautiful painting, well executed. Bri

I like this Carole, you always give such beautiful colours.

Carole, you’re giving yourself a hard time, this is a very confident watercolour still life. Your colours are beautifully fresh and sharp.

Glass bowl and apples are beautiful - no reason for you to be critical!

Wow, Carole this is lovely. I especially like the knife and apples. Great colours too.

Attempt? It's brilliant in many ways Carole!

Posted on Sat 08 Sep 08:20:13

Beautiful still life Carole. I think difficult challenges are useful for improving our art.

You have done this so well Carole, it's good to stretch ourselves sometimes and this looks super. Nothing wrong with the glass bowl, it's turned out a treat. The apples are spot on.

I think you are too hard on yourself, your watercolours are beautifully painted, especially the apples and you have coped with the glass bowl really well, 😀

Thank you so much all you clever artist who produce such inspirational work. It really helps when your comments are so positive and alleviates a lot of self doubt.

It's all excellent Carole, you need to challenge yourself at times, and no problems with any of this piece.

Thank you Alan. You have produced some amazing waterscapes recently .always enjoy your work.

You do that because you like to challenge yourself Carole. This one is beautiful and the glass dish doesn't look wrong.

That’s lovely Carole and the background really glows , still life’s are a marvelous challenge and it’s suprisi g how quickly you advance once you keep doing them

Love the colours in the apples and background. Masterly merging of shades and colours.

A lovely 'still-life' painting Carole, and the bottle and glass bowl look great and knife too, the apples appear fresh and colours blend very well!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour attempt at Still Life 9x12". Found the glass bowl too difficult. Don't know why I give myself such difficult challenges.

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