Finding Flotsam

Finding Flotsam

Have enjoyed seeing all your beautiful seascapes Brian. Love the waves and clouds in this one.

Thank you very much, Carole. You're very kind. I'm probably going to do some more work on the foreground when the paint dries, but I'll see. Much appreciated Bri

Another fabulous painting Brian. The significance of the figure to me, illustrates just how insignificant we really are in relation to the natural world.

Thank you very much, Russell, for the generous comments. Much appreciated. Yes, I find nature has that effect every time, whether it be serene and peaceful or tempestuous. When I'm confronted by the natural world I too often wonder about our significance and how we fit in. I think it needs a bit more work on the foreground and I must remember to crop next time. *smile* Bri

Another superb piece Brian. Shaping up to be an interesting series and I like the rather unorthodox position of the figure, as in bottom left and looking out of the painting. Just have another go at cropping it, there is a bit of unwanted stuff to the left. I'm pedantic about this sort of thing, and can easily be missed.

Super waves Bri, and I do think the figure adds interest.

Genius to put that figure in!

Thank you very much, Alan, Tessa and Heather, for the more than encouraging comments. Much appreciated. I wasn't sure about this one, specifically the foreground, but your comments have given me more food for thought. I did wonder about the figure and the incongruity she represents, mainly because I was toying with the juxtaposition of fragility and power. I've cropped the image, Alan, and it does look better. You were right to give me the gentle nudge. *smile* Best to all Bri

The included figure gives the whole scene a sense of scale and power of the elements Brian.....that’s one brave lady!

Thank you very much for the thoughtful comments, Fiona. Always appreciated. She was still there after I'd finished taking a load of photos. The sea was amazing. Bri

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Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. This is the third painting in a series of four, depicting an onshore wind and high tide conspiring to create one of the highest tides I've ever seen at South Shields. This woman really was bending over as if searching for something. I nearly called this one "Lost at Sea".

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