The Chimney Sweep's Daughter

The Chimney Sweep's Daughter

That’s a beautiful pencil drawing, Brian. What a lovely tribute to your mother-in-law.

A beautiful and very precious drawing Brian.

Thank you very much indeed, Seth and Rachel. I got quite a start when Myra called out, when I took it out of the wrapper, "Oh, that's our Brenda"! Quite a moving moment for me. Deeply appreciate the comments. Brian

This is a lovely portrait Brian, and so glad that it was immediately recognisable.

A very beautiful and poignant portrait Brian

Thank you very much Maureen and Russell, for the kind words. Appreciated. She was one of the most understanding people I've ever met and was always ready with a smile. My father-in -law, on the other hand, well... *LOL* Brian

Excellent drawing, Brian.

Wow that is one gorgeous drawing of this beautiful woman Brian, very well done. It must mean so much to your family.

That's a terrific drawing Brian and I can see why your wife loved it.

Thank you very much indeed, Cesare, Tony and Carole, for the generous comments. Appreciated. Yes, this portrait does mean a lot us, Carole, although my wife says it hurts to look at it. I have never even shown her the poem. That 's pretty much what it means. Best to all Brian

Thanks a lot, Jim. I appreciate the nod and kind comments very much. Brian

It's such a lovely story Brian and a beautiful drawing, one to keep forever, I have drawings that my dad did of my grandma when she was young and they are lovely to look at, much better than a photograph, more personal 😃

Beautiful drawing and a beautiful tribute.

A testament to your drawing skills Brian, it has the feel of a photo but with that little something extra.

Thank you very much Linda, Sandra and Barry, for the kind words. More than appreciated. That was lovely to read, Linda. It's great to look at paintings and drawings when you feel they're giving just a bit more than a photo. I've nothing against photography by the way. *smile* I'll ditto that, Barry. A drawing seems to add that personal touch. It's interesting that I now take photos with paintings and drawings in mind, from a compositional point of view. Brian

Brian what a beautiful portrait of your mum-in-law, it's so nice to hear the story behind the painting too. You should do more portraits!!

Thanks for the lovely comments, Margaret. Appreciated. I've always drawn as far back as I can recall, and I do enjoy the occasional portrait, but I'm experimenting with landscapes and seascapes at the mo'. I have to like the subject, though, or I lose interest if it goes wrong. Brian

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This is a pencil drawing of my mother-in-law, who died suddenly of heart failure at the age of 56. My wife cried when she saw this drawing and it now lives in Kendal with Brenda's sister, Myra. Brenda and Myra are the Chimney Sweeps daughters. The title comes from a poem I wrote to mark the way people talked to me about Brenda after she had died. The locals said she was a stunning looking young woman and they all kept telling me over and over again. I loved her very much and still miss her, which is unusual for a son-in-law. *smile* I spent an age drawing this one and enjoyed every moment. The source was an old black and white photo that Myra had kept for years.

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