Love it Brian. Those were the days!

They were indeed, Margaret. Where did my youth go when I wasn't looking. *lol* I wanted to see if I could paint smoke and this is the result. The title amused me, (a bit) although I wasn't sure how to spell post-coitus or postcoitus. The dictionary offers both. Thanks for dropping in. Brian

That and a glass of orange juice.....don't ask!

Laughed out loud, Marjorie. Honestly! I promise not to ask. *smile* Brian

You have certainly created a conversation piece Brian. I can just about remember those good old days!!

"I can just about remember those good old days". ME TOO!! lol Thanks for the nod, Barry. Appreciated. I think the painting NEEDS the title to arouse some interest, with its only strength being a touch of wry humour. Brian

I’m disappointed! What do you mean all of you....those were the days?.....The good old days! Lol Where is your sense of adventure?! 😂 I’ll enjoy the pre-smoking stage a little longer! 😂 Great title and depiction of smoke Brian. I’m intrigued by Marjorie’s orange juice comment.

Laughed my socks off, Fiona. Thanks for the great response to this painting. I've only just finished it and now have it hanging on my bedroom wall, but for how long is anybody's guess. It must be a blood sugar thing. lol Brian

I found the response to this painting so entertaining Brian 🤣 I also like your portrayal of smoke it's brill! Orange juice?? 🤗🤗

Thanks for the entertaining response to this painting and thread, Carole. *smile* We're all wondering about that O J *LOL* Brian

Hang on Studio Wall

Just a bit of fun. I don't smoke, just in case you're wondering. *smile* This is the kind of poster I'd have put on my wall when I was a student, along with Lindisfarne, Elvis Costello and many others. Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cms.

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I'm a retired FE lecturer (62), having taught Marketing and Geography to Travel & Tourism students for twenty years or so, and I DO miss it a bit. My wife, Diane, is from Kendal, where she introduced me to the Lake District fells, tarns and lakes. They have been a source of inspiration for me (and…

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