Touring the Lakes

Touring the Lakes

Excellent, Brian. Love the way you've painted the trees, and the small broken fence and magpies are very well done, and add tremendously to the depth of the painting. It looks finished to me.

Thanks for the great comments, Lewis, I really do appreciate them. From the start I wanted to use the open space in the foreground for a small and broken fence for the birds to perch on, but I just kept dithering. Before the National Trust helped the locals it was a common sight to see a dilapidated fence as you walked round the lakes. Still is in many places. It's all part of the history, with a crumbling dry stone wall here, an abandoned shepherds building or pen there, and odd ruin that seems to have served no purpose. The traces of industry alone conjure all sorts of images. So, the broken fence seemed fitting. Thanks for mentioning it. Brian

Brian this is so good. I really like the crispness of the snow and the beautiful cold colours.

Wonderful palette, Brian. Perfect as it is. The magpies add a great touch.

Brian, it's a pleasure to look at this beautiful snow scene, it's cooling me down just looking at it! It's so hot with us today. I love the way you have painted the trees and the water and reflections are super, I love the little magpies too. Wonderful colours!

Thank you very much for the more than generous comments, Carolyn, Seth and Margaret. I was really taken aback and so pleased that the birds and palette were working. The palette was where the major shift lay, so I was absolutely delighted to read you liked the colours. Margaret! It's boiling here as well. I've just finished watering the pots and borders and noticed that the soil was parched in places. Mustn't complain, though. I'll have to buy a paddling pool. Hot feet! *smile* Best to all Brian

Love it! Need some cool here now!!! This one fits the bill entirely!

Thank you very much, Thalia. Delighted you liked the chill of winter. British weather. We're having a scorcher over here just now and I can't remember a June like it. Nothing like the heat of Malta, of course, but it's blasting away by British standards. My dad was posted in Malta, just after the war, and he used to describe how people would dance in the streets when it rained. I found it hard to believe but he said it was true. The barracks are still there, I believe. If I've mentioned this before just put it down to my age. *smile* Brian

Stunning scene Brian, really beautiful.

Thank you very much, Carole, for the very generous comments. Appreciated. Brian

Oooooo....wonderful snow. Yes even up here in Bonny Scotland, it’s a scorcher! Always something otherworldly about your snow scenes Brian, in fact, I think all your paintings with birds have the same effect. It’s as if they are holding their breath for a happening of some kind.......and the perfect place for a happening is that clearing on the far shore, under the trees. Yes, I’m potty! Lol Love your Mags!

Thank you very much, Fiona, for the super comments. Always appreciated. I don't think you're potty at all! *LOL* I'm so pleased you thought there was an atmosphere in this pic, because these places nearly always make me feel different inside. The mag's eventually dropped in for a rest when I summoned the courage to give them a go. Pleased you liked them and thanks for telling me. It matters. I've got a tiny bit of work to do with the trees to lift the foliage a touch and extend the trunks. I'll also re-examine the shadows underneath the central tree. OR! I might just leave it alone. *smile* Brian

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. Sorry to inflict this snow scene upon your good and kind natures, especially in the light of this glorious weather, but I've revised this from top to bottom, repainted it really, and decided to post it now to see what you thought. I've added the Mags because they've been gnawing away at me ever since I started the original. I've a nudge or two to make to the tree trunks but it's essentially done.

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