The Perch Pond

The Perch Pond

Looks great Brian.and I remember perch from when I was young fishing . I never fish now​ though I leave the fish alone

That's fabulous Brian. I love all of the little details such as the leaves floating on the water and those birds which add life to the scene. great reflections too.

Thanks, Dennis, for the kind comments. Appreciated. I was only ever really a sea fisherman, with the odd trip to a trout river lobbed into the mix somewhere along the line. I always wanted to take my catch home. Bri

Thank you very much, Val, for the great comments. Always appreciated. I've placed a photo of this pond in WIP (Work In Progress) in the forum with the pictures of the various stages of development, if you're interested. I used several photos for the final painting, adjusting colours and composition. Bri

Superb work, Brian. I've been following it on the forum, but since I know nothing about oils, or landscape painting for that matter, I didn't comment. But I do know what I like and this is great.

Superb Oil painting, Brian, beautiful tones and reflections. Wonderful greens. Your "about the artist" scenario is almost my own - I'll always miss FE and 20 years ago was one of its best times - eager students, full courses and I also taught T&T students sometimes finance/marketing. What a wonderful hobby we have from painting and still travelling to wonderful sights!!

Beautiful, Brian - and quintessentially English.

This is lovely Brian. Reminds me of when I used to go boating on the river Coquet in my youth. The light on the foliage and those lovely river reflections are a real treat on such a miserable winter's day. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

Another brilliant piece Brian, I love to see detailed work, superb.

This series of paintings look so marvelous Bri, your various greens are so good and the reflections are spot on. You are a very skilful chap!

You always paint these scenes so well Brian. I love the colours and the details of nature.

Thank you very much indeed, Lewis, Pat, Marjorie, Carole, Russell, Margaret and Michael, for the amazing comments. Genuinely appreciated. I've tried three different sizes of canvas and I think this one is my favourite at 50 x 40 cms. I'm tempted to go bigger, actually. Not one of those whoppers, though, Marjorie. *smile* Great to know you followed the WIP, Lewis. Thanks for letting me know. Really pleased you liked Small world, Pat. There's a lot I miss and a lot I'm still glad to see the back of, like interminable inspections. LOL. Marketing, Geography, Customer Service, Event Management, MATHS!!! AAARGH!!! were pretty much my lot. Oh, and overseas study visits. Now there's a misnomer if ever there was one. LOL . I was so pleased to find art again after all these years. I never ever lost interest, you know. I finished my A level and still remember feeling a loss when I didn't apply to art college. It is surprisingly attractive, Marjorie, especially with the current crop of autumn colours. I'm hoping to get a decent snow scene in the winter. I Know the Coquet, Carole. My sister-in-law lived in Felton. It's a superb salmon river, or used to be, not that I caught any. I can see the connection. Delighted you liked the detail, Russell, it was so lovely to see close up. Thanks for following the series, Margaret. One more to go, for now, and then I'm done. If we get a hard winter I'll nip down to take a few pic's. I nearly always mix my own greens, only occasionally squeezing the sap green tube onto my palette. I tend to use, primary and cad yellow with a mixture of Paynes grey, ivory black, Prussian blue, cobalt blue and a touch of red (various) to drop the tone of the brighter versions. If I want a loud or bright green I use some lemon yellow. That's it, really. Thanks for letting me know you'd seen the other paintings, Michael. Delighted you liked. Best to all and thanks again Bri

Idyllic scene Brian and outstanding use of the medium. It evokes memories of the first of many fishing experiences, and Perch were the first fish I caught. The sound of the coots and moorhen, the faint splash of the fish rising.....mmmm heaven. Thank you for the memory!

Thank you very much, Fiona, for the great backstory and kind comments. I'm so pleased this painting evoked so many happy memories. I have similar memories, although I've never caught a perch. My first fish was a trout. Bri

Such stunning landscape art. AlanW

Thank you very much, Alan, for the kind comments. Much appreciated. Bri

lovely painting, especially the catching of the reflection on the water

Thank you very much, Denise, for dropping in to comment. Much appreciated and I'm delighted you liked the reflections. I've replaced the photo with one I took today in natural daylight, where the light is more diffused. The colours aren't so glaringly intense now. Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. This is the fourth painting in a series of five angling ponds, situated close to where we live. Three of the ponds are specifically stocked for anglers to enjoy. They are are old mill ponds/reservoirs, originally constructed to supply a nearby mill with water. (mill long gone now) They are surprisingly beautiful.

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