The Woodlark

The Woodlark

Very pleasant, straightforward painting. So easy on the eye Brian. It's lovely to do something you enjoy without worrying about complications.

Thank you very much, Carole, for the gracious comments. Appreciated. There's a bit of glare on the photo but it's not a bad representation. (kind of) A simple little number it is indeed. *smile* Bri

That blue is amazing Brian. Another beautiful painting.

Thanks for the very kind comments, Rachel. Very much appreciated. Just a quicky, really, but it's quite pleasing up-close. I used cobalt blue, ultramarine (50 - 50), a touch of Prussian blue and titanium white for the sky. The greens and other colours I mixed as I went. Bri

Lovely summer scene, Bri.

That's a beautiful painting Brian, it looks just like the blue skies we have had lately, a true English country scene, awesome 😀

Thank you very much, Seth and Linda, for the encouraging comments. I'm really pleased you liked this one, because I was genuinely going for a simple, easy-going effect, using a minimalistic (ish) approach. Much appreciated. Bri

This looks beautiful Bri, such a lovely composition with a super sky. Strange thing, but I can see the thumbnail in the gallery but when I go into the painting that's all I get is a blue square! I think the gremlins are up to their tricks!

Love it :)

Thank you, Margaret for your generous comments. I really do appreciate you taking the time to tell me. I'm not sure what was happening with the site but I'm getting the full picture. Hope you're managing to get through now. Always brilliant to read your reviews. Bri

Thanks for the kind support, Alan. Appreciated. Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 30 x 20 cms. I found this old canvas under the stairs with a pair of boots on it, and decided to give it a facelift. It's from the realm of Briland and it gave me a break from pastels. I enjoyed relaxing as I painted this easy-going image. Alla prima, wet in wet.

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