I think it's wonderful Brian, I can see the hints of green in parts.

Thank you very much, Carole, for the great comments. Appreciated. I was originally attracted to the unusual sky, mainly because of the contrasting areas of light and dark. It all seemed a bit illusory to me but it's real enough. I found the image under "dramatic skies" on pixabay free photo library and thought I'd post the result before changing anything, so your comments are very encouraging. The forest is also real (ish) *smile* I think the title could do with a nudge. Thanks again Brian

Brian, this doesn’t look like an unfamiliar dabble by any means. It took me a while to separate land from sky but after reading your comment above, to Carole, it made complete sense. I like the hints of green reflected throughout the sky and trees. It’s a fabulous sky!

Thank you very much, Fiona, for the most helpful comments. I have produced some pastel and charcoal drawings, so I wasn't entirely unfamiliar with the medium, but hadn't really ventured into the world of landscaping. It was thornier than I'd imagined. *smile* I think I see the way to go now. I'll reduce the forest mists substantially and develop some colour if I can. Just a touch. Thanks again Brian

Brian, please don’t change it because of my comment, it’s wonderful as it is. The problem is my eye and head coordination, not your application. 😊

Ha! LOL Not to worry. I thought there was an overload on the mist front so a nudge with a few more trees and a dab of colour shouldn't harm TOO much. *grin* (famous last words) Didn't mean to alarm you, Fiona. Brian

Phew! You had me panicking there for a moment 😂

Hang on Studio Wall

This pastel painting has been lurking in my portfolio for some months. I'm not at all familiar with pastel work but have dabbled from time to time. Any thoughts, be they good or otherwise would be of enormous help. I used a free photo from pixabay for the sky. It's actually very dark green but it's not showing too well. No prob's, though, as it is essentially monochromatic.

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