The Sisters of Trow Rocks

The Sisters of Trow Rocks

Then there were four! Interesting Brian and undoubtedly a very accomplished painting - great to see it completed. I’m intrigued by the frame for oils, you have added a mount or mat as our American friends refer to it, so I assume that it has been glazed - not common practice as I’m sure you know! A slip is the thin frame inside the main one, something that I always do for exhibition pieces, but never a mount. Hope that makes sense!

Wonderful sense of light on that water Brian, even more so in the foreground. It works beautifully.

Great piece of work Brian and looks so very different when framed up 👍😀

Thank you very much, Alan and John, for the helpful and supportive comments. Appreciated, as always. The photo isn't as clear as I'd like but you get the general idea, I think. Makes perfect sense, Alan. The mount just happened to frame the board perfectly, with only a tiny bit of overlap. So, I waited until it had dried for a few weeks, framed it, then repainted it yesterday and this morning in the frame. Not my best idea, I must concede. *smile*. I use this frame for my 60 x 50 cm boards and they fit like a dream, without the mount. An exercise in light, John. Delighted you liked that aspect of the painting. Best to both Bri

Nearly missed you, Linda. Thanks for dropping back in to mention the framing. Really appreciate the comment. The frame definitely gives the painting a lift. DeeeLIGHTed you liked. Bri

This looks stunning Brian. The frame emphasises its beauty but it would be equally wonderful without a frame. You have inspired me to attempt a seascape as the way you have painted the foam and waves is enviable. Love the patch of light on the horizon and the subtlety of the birds in flight. 👍😊

You certainly captured the power of the sea here, a nice piece of work.

Thank you very much indeed, Carole, for the super comments and great analysis. Very much appreciated. Your seascapes are already brill', so I look forward to your next one. Very kind of you, Lesley. Thank you very much for the generous comments. Much appreciated. Best to both Bri

Great light.

Thanks, Roger. Appreciated. Bri

Great frame!!!! Fabulous seascape- I can hear the waves hitting the rocks.

Thank you very much Shaun, for the highly encouraging comments. Much appreciated. Bri

Brian your seascapes always make me want to dip my toes. In your sea paintings the sea is accessible, it appears to be just feet away and it pulls you in.

Thank you very much, Fiona, for the splendid comments. Always appreciated. I wish the photo was a bit clearer/sharper but it's the best I could manage. Bri

Thank you very much, Laurence, for the kind comment. Delighted you liked. Bri

Beautifully painted. Love the way you have portrayed the light.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas board, 406 x 306 mm. Finally finished this painting of the three sisters this morning. One of them split during the winter storms and so there are now four. I spent more time than intended adding the final highlights to the already framed painting. I just couldn't resist and ended up painting the mat/slip. Might replace it. Just saying. For better or worse, it's done.

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