Precious Metal (Love Padlocks, Florence)

Precious Metal (Love Padlocks, Florence)

Beautifully painted, really lovely subject Andrea.

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment Carole :) I must admit I didn't know there were so many different styles of padlock until I started to paint this!

love the subject Realie well painted as well GREAT JOB.Just tryed my first S.L BUT kept eating the subject? Be on here soon Finaly

Thanks John. Hope your still life painting goes well. <br />Lemons would be a good subject - they are not tempting to eat either!

Hang on Studio Wall

This particular collection of 'love padlocks' is attached to a bridge in Florence. Various couples have customised them, locked them in place, and symbolically thrown away the key. I became absorbed with the contrasts of shiny and rusty metal, the different shapes, sizes and colours...and also about all the individual relationships they represented. This painting was published in Artists & Illustrators Magazine, July 2015 issue.

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Andrea Hook

I have always loved art and as a child I would frequently be found drawing the trees in the garden. I first worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in London and Dorset for fifteen years. One of my favourite posts was illustrating natural-history display-boards in watercolour & ink for Dorset…

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