The Pathway to the River Trent - WIP

The Pathway to the River Trent - WIP

Gives insight into work in progress. I especially like the glinting on the snow.

Very interesting to see a work in progress, Alan. Looking forward to seeing the next step.

Good feeling of distance already, look forward to the finished work.

Lovely to see the stages, Alan. Your marks are lovely.

Ooh, that looks cold Alan, I am also looking forward to the finished painting.

It will be fascinating to watch this develop. Hopefully you will post an intermediate stage or two.

It's going to be another stunning painting Alan, looking forward to seeing this finished 😀

Thank you guy's, I wasn't expecting any response, but that is encouraging. Yes Tony, I'll post another but it will only make 3 stages probably.

Great start - look forward to the finished painting, Alan

Looking good Alan, looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

I love the sense of distance in this WIP Alan, and the touches of yellow contrasting with the blue.

Nice to see the different stages, looks great already .

Yes I love to see your WIP Alan, thanks. Always beautiful.

It is very interesting to see how you put your paintings together Alan. Thanks very much for posting your WIP.

Hang on Studio Wall

I don’t often post a work in progress, but I know that a few of you like to see the early stages of a painting. Same theme as my posting yesterday, a view from my lane and worked up from sketch book scribbles made at the scene. This is the first layer, laid on rapidly to establish the composition, tone and focal point etc. It is, or will be a snow scene eventually, the bend in the river (not very clear yet), may act as the focal point. I need to let this first layer dry before I can continue. One reason that if I’m not working alla prima, I always have two or three paintings on the go! I’m looking to portray a crisp and sunny winter’s morning – but anything can happen! Oil on Talens canvas board 40 x 50cm.

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