Yacht's Rounding the Point - Whitby.

Yacht's Rounding the Point - Whitby.

A lovely composition, Alan.

This is great, Alan, I like the soft colours of the rocks, the sparkling water and the fabulous sky. Beautiful palette.

Excellent Alan, like the colours and sky.

Another top notch piece Alan very gorgeous indeed

I love that sky and the light dancing on the water - I'm noticing it a lot at the moment, and in your current paintings too. This palette looks very restricted and excellent as a result - which colours and how many?

A land of dreams where the sun is always shining through the sea mist and turning everything into gold.

I agree about the sky Alan, it's softness highlights the light on the water, like the palette too.

The sunlight on the land is stunning Alan, fab painting.

This is so lovely Alan.

What lovely comments, I'm so grateful to you all as always. Marjorie: Yes I have used a limited palette but utilised mixing these few colours really well to create subtle shades in order to keep some uniformity within the work, predominantly Naples Y, Raw S, Indian and Light red, Cobalt, Ultramarine and of course T White. Do let me know if you need any more info.

Stunning work, Alan. I especially like the bold, vibrant and varied brushwork.

Thanks Alan. I'm painting woodwork at the moment - finding it hard to get back to painting proper because of an exhibition. A little off target activity will, hopefully, do the trick.

Lovely palette and so much life and vitality great work Alan.

What a fabulous feel to this - the light is quite ethereal.

Great painting as always Alan and I agree with the others that the light is smashing.

Lovely work - love the format, great choice of colours.

Rapid I like Alan, especially your work.

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turns out i like your paintings, great skies. reminds me of happy days walking. i quite like painting by the sea...

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board 10 x 24in. My rapid impression of a well known landmark.

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