Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle.

Wow Alan, this is impressive.. so much detail and colour, must have taken a long time to do.. I Love it so much. :)

Captures the skyline of Edinburgh wonderfully well.

Thank you Maria and Thea. Maria, it took around 3+ hours to complete.

A lot of work in this Alan, Great painting.

Wow, the castle stands out really well especially with the atmospheric sky. It's complex stuff here, I would get lost painting so many buildings and rooftops. I've tried something similar at Staithes - took me ages to get the angles/spaces and perspective to look passable. I've done about 4 sessions and I agree that it's a good idea to let the paint dry in between. Great painting, my eye goes straight to the castle then explores the landscape/buildings below

I love the colour palette you've used Alan and the composition with the roof tops, castle, church spires and mountains in the distance is brilliant!

The depth in this is fabulous Alan, as are the counter changes of tones. Love the addition of the green area bottom left to break up the cluster of buildings...like a resting place before travelling up to the castle and beyond. Great work!

Your concentration must be immense Alan great work

This is great, Alan. Lovely palette, beautiful sky in particular.

Nice one Alan great feeling of space well done mate.

I am really impressed with the lovely looseness of this painting Alan. The sense of depth and perspective is brilliant!

A sight I know well as my daughter lives in Edinburgh and you've made a superb job of it Alan. Looking forward to the news letter to see how you tackled all those buildings, a bit too complicated for me I'm afraid.

Yet another cracker Alan.

I look forward to the the article to find out how you do this.

An amazing piece, Alan - very much reminiscent of the place, yet done with such superb painterly panache.

Perfect skies to balance the mass of buildings, the spires are great and make a perfect frame for the main castle mount.

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Oil on stretched canvas, 30 x 36’’. My representation of this fabulous historic castle, painted with my usual expressive and impressionistic style and approach, with no attempt to achieve photo-realism in any way. As in general with oils, I attempt to keep detail to a minimum and give an overall sense of the scene, paying particular attention in this painting to the aerial perspective, giving the impression of distance. I painted this in five short sessions allowing the canvas to dry at each stage. I hope that it will be in November’s ‘Bonus e-newsletter’ as a step-by-step 5-stage painting demo, where I have attempted to show how I unravel a complicated scene.

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