View from my Terrace - Floods

View from my Terrace - Floods

Love this Alan looks like you had a lot of fun doing this one , its certainly turned out very nice and spontaneous. Great work Alan.

The floods have got to you as well have they Alan.....and you've taken advantage of the change in scenery. Super outlook you have from your terrace. There is some luscious thick paint and bold brush strokes.......fabulous result!

Oh dear, hate the floods but you have made good use of them Alan! Love the warm reds.

I agree with Carole those reds really make this painting zing.

You make it look wonderful Alan a gem

Absolutely beautiful Alan! How did you find painting on canvas board?

Thanks everyone, for what is a mediocre quick sketch, too cold to stay out long, and Satu, I am finding the boards quite useful, sturdy for plein-air work and the smaller sizes mean I can finish in no time at all, and have good reference for studio work at a later date. Overall very pleased with them, but stretched canvas will always be my first choice for larger work and commissions.

Lovely view,excellently painted for a quick 've captured the wetness of the scene and as others have said that red / sienna is gorgeous.

The vitality of working outdoors comes through this lively work. Must make the effort more often, I say to myself!

Very wonderful Alan, water, reflections and light are superb!

Another beautiful energetic work Alan...superb composition and execution!

Very good indeed Alan excellent lively brushwork

Stunning work, Alan. Beautiful brushwork, textures and palette, with a great sense of movement in the water.

Hopefully your feet are still dry! As with Carole and Val, it's the red that zings it.

You really makes the colours sing Alan, and I love the thick luscious strokes of paint - wish I could make quick sketches as fluent and finished as this!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board, 16 x 20in. A very rapid en-plein-air oil sketch done this morning of the River Trent having burst its banks and heading towards the Carp pond. I am trying out the W&N canvas boards as a change to my usual large canvasses, and have scaled down in size somewhat.

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