Bamburgh Castle - For Fiona

Bamburgh Castle - For Fiona

This one really stands out of the thumbnails. I love those combinations of thick black line and loose colour Diana

Lovely composition, Alan, and the combination of ink and pastel produces a striking image.

BRILLIANT Alan!!! Thank you for giving it a go for me, I will ingest your methods and try harder. beautifully loose and free, and amazing ink work. X

Very beautiful, Alan.

That looks very effective Alan. Doesn't the pastel cover the ink if you put it on afterwards because I notice the pastel underneath the branches. I may try this tomorrow as I could do with a break from the painting I'm doing at the moment.

A combination of mediums I wouldn't have thought to put together but it works very well Alan. A lovely piece.

Thanks everyone, appreciated. Adele, yes, the pastel will cover the ink but that isn't a problem really, it can give a strong tonal value which may show through, generally though I tend to draw the thing out first with my rigger using FW Paynes Grey acrylic ink, and then just fill in with pastel, finally with a loaded rigger quickly add the grasses and any other strong defining lines as required. Nothing is hard and fast in art, just give it a go and don't be afraid to experiment.

Really stunning, Alan. Love the composition, the palette and the wonderful ink work. Superb.

Beautiful pastel and ink Alan.

I really must give this a go, Alan! You make it sound so easy!!!

A real eye catcher..super. As you say, it's good to experiment.

Thanks Alan, will definitely try it.

Absolutely beautiful. Every mark deserves to be there

I too like the way you use the rigger - a bit like the way I use a stick - super piece.

Very nice work Alan, and a good combination of mediums.

The ink and pastel together makes this a strong rendition of an imposing but beautiful castle Alan.

Hang on Studio Wall

On the request from Fiona here is my quickie version of this historic castle. Straight in with rigger and ink, followed by pastel, I do rather like the mixed combination.

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