Shelton Bar Steel Works, Stoke-on-Trent. C1950

Shelton Bar Steel Works, Stoke-on-Trent. C1950

I really like the palette you've used in this one Alan those blues seems to make the scene even more industrial. All those soot caked smoke stacks :)

Val's said it. The blues and greens suit the different setting: you're not emphasising the steamy stacks, but the hard nitty gritty .... love the composition.

I agree with Val, the slatey Blues add to the subject so well, lovely painting in your series Alan.

One of my favourites of your excelent gallery - really captures the essence of the industrial era.

As an ex - steelworker, this brings back memories of the grease,dust and noise associated with this industry . Your choice of pallet gives it a dark grim feel,all these colours feel right, but my memories of the melting shop are of glowing orange against a dark background, nonetheless a excellent depiction of an industrial bygone era, great job.

Thank you very much Val, Gudrun, Carole, Michael and Andre.<br /><br />Andre, I am currently working on two interior factory floor paintings for the same series showing the melting pot etc, looked damned hot and hard work for the men, I hope that you like them.

Beautifully presented in great colour recreates the scene so well Alan

Soot, grime, smoke and steam all perfectly rendered in this industrial scene Alan. Great choice of palette which has already been remarked upon, encapsulates the whole experience of this period in time. I am looking forward to seeing the interior&#39;s you mentioned, they sound exciting!

You are a genius Alan, it&#39;s wonderful, if you can say that of an industrial scene! The colours are so clever, there&#39;s action and the general feeling of hard work happening. Well done!!

Wow, thanks Dennis, Fiona and Satu for you interesting comments.

Marvellous piece, Alan! Loads of information, but interpreted with such artistic flair. You&#39;ve really brought the scene to life.

Nice atmospheric piece Alan great subject too . One of your best i think .

I love the strength of the horizontal and vertical lines in this piece and the great colour palette too. You have a brilliant eye for capturing detail. Super work!

Lovely comments Seok, Dennis and Julie, always appreciated, thanks.

Atmospheric painting, Alan. Very potteries feel to it

Another superb painting, Alan. You really have a fantastic, historical record here. It is a treat to see the paintings for your commission! You must be very proud of them.<br /><br />As for KB Winner . . . . . as you say, how can you compete with an airbrush job ??????? I just wish they would say how these entries were made , I.e. painting, digital, photograph, etc.. Joe Public would be shocked to know, I&#39;m sure! Never mind though. It was good fun awaiting the results!<br />There is a chap at our art club who gets some pictures downloaded from the internet, prints them onto canvas, adds a bit of acrylic here and there, then sells them! He earns about &#163;9K or more per annum from this!!! He cannot paint himself , but this does not bother him! Maybe I am just getting old and grumpy, but it seems like cheating to me.

Lovely interesting picture.

This is a wonderful study, Alan—I love it!

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Oil on canvas 24 x 30''. Part of a series that I am working on depicting the bygone Potteries era. Reference old B/W photos from the archives of the newspaper that I worked for as editorial artist. The series will include the pot banks and steel foundries in the 30's to 50's period.

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