The Estuary - Quick excercise in minimalism.

The Estuary - Quick excercise in minimalism.

All that is needed Alan direction strokes inspired colours push and pull special

Don't think you need the sails Alan with the flash of orange, buttery sun and reflections beautiful.

Excellent as it is, the textures jumping out at you.

Thanks Dennis, Carole and Andre, I wasn't expecting too many comments on this one, it's a bit expressive even by my standards.

Sit down and brace yourself Alan......I like this! Such energy and free will...if that makes sense.

''Tis slightly , madly expressive, but I like it...

It works - I did sort of wonder HOW, to be honest! But then I looked a bit harder (you have to imagine me, squinting with my one not-so-good eye) and I think the trick is (trick! I ask you...!) your colours are clean; your composition is good; the light is streaming off the canvas; and there's vigour in the strokes of your knife. And taken together - well that just works, doesn't it?

It doesn't need any red sails Alan, it's a wonderful work just as it is!

Well what a surprise, thank you all so much for your positive feedback.

I love that paint application beautifully expressive .... don't be tempted to put those sails in Alan it's excellent the way it is . I squinted my eyes looking at this and it reads perfectly

Nicely done Alan, all these interesting shapes keep me looking. I'm not sure it needs anything more but thinking about your red sails, perhaps one might add something, or even a small white one. Either way they would have to be small and in the distance but it's fine as is. Happy Christmas Alan.

This is just lovely. Expressive is good. I have been to Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy of Arts. WOW

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on MDF 16 x 16in with painting knife mainly, just to loosen up and ignore any detail, although I was tempted to add a couple of red sails in the distance.

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