Lleyn Peninsular, North Wales.

Lleyn Peninsular, North Wales.

Great work Alan the enjoyment shines

Thank you Dennis, I'm glad someone likes it!

Me too - liking it Alan. In the old days I wouldn't have dwelt on it even for a glance, but now......

Thanks Derek, we're getting there, that's two of you who like it. Can I ask you why you now appreciate this style of work, and what has bought about this change? Alan

Fantastic pallet of colours. A truly vibrant expressive piece. I look forward to seeing more in this collection

I'm not ignoring this one Alan, I keep coming back to look at it. When I first looked at it I saw blocks of vivid colours with no particular form except for the white cottage. But now I see a headland on the horizon, with the sky merging with the sea. Perhaps fields of wheat or barley to right of the cottage with small rows of trees here and there...above or on the level with another bay/cove. Must admit I'm absolutely stuck about the foreground other than it looks like a rushing river emerging from under a bridge...? You are right, it isn't one of my favourites of yours but it has done one thing, made me look, and see. You've probably used the paint in this painting that would use in a year!Lol.

Well at last Fiona, this is the first one of my recent contemporary work that has received a comment, and I do understand. It's not for everyone and judging by the response not too popular, however, I will continue as I love to experiment and there are many more to come... About 400ml of paint equivalent to two of those very large tubes. See into it what you want to see, that's the object of it - remember that little quote that I sent to you! Alan

Lol....Alan! That's what's so wonderful about the diversity of art, there's something for everyone. I get frustrated at not being able to work out what the artists message is in this style of painting.......I think? It's like a need to know what the inspiration is behind it....does that make sense? I will be looking out for the next in the series.........is this mainly done with a knife by the way?

Yes Fiona, this one was all done with a knife. My inspiration is to create a striking visual image that will have impact both in colour and design from a seemingly ordinary yet beautiful landscape. Why not give it a go sometime and think of it as more of a well balanced design both in placement of colour and shapes. It can be fun, believe me! I am in the process of trying to arrange an exhibition of all twenty paintings, hopefully in north Wales at a gallery and have sent over images of the five completed paintings to several possible outlets, will let you know if I have any success. Alan

I think an exhibition of these works would have an impact. It's that balance between splodge and design! I don't find much splodge here!

Thanks everyone, and Gudrun I really love that comment, it brought a smile to my face. Great comment indeed!

Alan, finally found this and your question and thanks for asking.<br />As far as I can understand, the change in my appeciation towards abstract/modern work possibly stems from a major traumatic incident April 2013, which included among the many injuries was 3 skull fractures. <br /><br />Anyhow I was hospitalised for many months and then at home, not well and not painting. When I got back into it, only about a month later and this was Sept 2014 I had a minor stroke. That seemed to be the start of the change, my mind just shifted, also because of the problems I had with dexterity and control seeking an easier way of expressing myself with the credit cards I now use all the time.<br /><br />Luckily I am virtually back to normal in most senses and driving OK and doing things and enjoying the many new micro real ale breweries that are starting up all over.<br /><br />Once again I really like the above piece and Fiona says a lot of sense too.

Thanks Derek, glad your on the mend after a horrendous time. Yes indeed, Fiona&#39;s comment makes a lot of sense, but don&#39;t tell her!

Brilliant, I love the block work and colours. It is fresh and vibrant. The Tourist Board should see your Welsh Collection.

Don&#39;t tell her indeed!!lol

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 36'' x 28''. All palette knife work. Semi-abstact so not to everyone's liking, but I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques. Painted this morning so 'hot-off-the-press' so to speak.

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