Operatic Duo Singing Merry Christmas to All

Operatic Duo Singing Merry Christmas to All

Agree with Kirstie, I would be more than happy with this.

I like both - very much, Japanese influence/style - which I enjoy too.

I like your style very much, and your use of colour. I'm no expert in watercolour, but I find the balance in tone and palette that you have achieved in this painting lovely.

Beautiful oriental style to this, I love it. I also like the many textures you have achieved. I would say you have used the pigments very well.

I agree with all the above comments. I think most of us would be satisfied with this. It is lovely!

Another gem, Ping! Especially love the way you did the trees.

Thanks all for such encouraging and helpful comments. You have stimulated me to work harder and paint more.

Seok Yam, you are my kindred spirit. If not for you I will not be so motivated. Thanks again!

Hi Yu Ping Eddy, Lovely work! If this is helpful - usually what works is to make the things you want to stand out light against dark & dark against light. Beware of mid tone against mid tone whatever the colour!

As oriental painting, drawing and calligraphy are my favourites: I like this very, very, much, Eddy. I agree with Kirstie: I would be happy to have that in my gallery!

Hi Sue. Thank you for the helpful comment. I will work on that.

Thank you, Mia. I sincerely appreciate your kind thoughts.

The Brighter Version for me! Lovely delicate tones and composition!

I thought I had commented on this lovely card but I must have missed the reply button, This is the special card you look for and never find, its terrific.

Thanks, James and William. I am grateful that you take the time to commenting on my work...

Love your artwork. It is so beautiful and this updated one does add more dimension! Mark and I will like to make a request : If we are going to make our first singing CD or DVD, may we use your "Operatic Duo" as our cover ? Thank you! Have a nice and happy holidays. M & Y

Absolutely " Yes", Yu lee. Please use it as the cover and I feel flattered.

This is lovely. The birds do show up perfectly. I love the colours you have used too. Many thanks for commenting on my Christmas pic.

Thank you, Margaret. I am grateful that you take the time to view and commenting my painting.

Hi, As I said before, I think it is all lovely work (actually, can't find my comments on the website) Look forward to seeing more. AKS

congratulations on having your lovely painting picked as one of the top ten gallery picks, Twice !! Well done Yu Ping Eddy, Its a marvellous way to start the new year.

I love these pictures - they have a feeling of 'lightness' giving a whimsical magical aura to them.

Beautiful colours used in such an original style. I'd love to receive a card like this. It well deserves its place in the Top Ten.

Thanks, ArtKat, William, Betty and Avril for your nice comments.

Lovely rendition of this songbird artwork Yu Ping

Hang on Studio Wall

[NOTE: I am posting a different photograph of an earlier posting. This one is brighter, but I am still interested in your thoughts on whether I am painting with enough pigmentation.] ORIGINAL NOTE FROM EARLIER POSTING: This is my second attempt at incorporating songbirds into a watercolour for greeting cards. The first time the songbirds were supposed to be the stars of the scene, but we barely saw them. This time, I selected two plump winter birds who appear to have good lung capacity. Also, in this piece, I worked on using gouache constructively, rather than simply for correcting mistakes. I am still not completely satisfied, though.

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